Positive attracts negative,—
-¡And that's electricity for you!

¡Silk, rub our amber'd Hearts!
Forces electric propelling,
Surg'd pulses patchouli,
Red roses unfurling blood.

Kundalini passions;
Thorns embedded unrestrain'd, crown'd
Past pain or redemption,
Deep, past bleeding,—in our Hearts.

A.N. 1.—Patchouli- a pungent, powerful, mossy, musty' fragrance. The viscous orangey-amber oil is extraced from the leaves of a two to three foot perennial bush with purple-tinged white flowers, native to tropical Asia. [From
2.—In Tantra, the universe is pure consciousness divided into two poles that are intertwined. Shiva (masculine) is static and unmanifested consciousness, it is power. Shakti (feminine) is dynamic and creative (the Great Mother). In humans this feminine energy is called Kundalini and resides at the base of the spinal cord. The goal is to awaken this energy so it can bind at the crown of the head with Shiva—duality into union, fusion and transcendence. [From]
3.—Of course, everyone remembers the old creation of static electricity by rubbing amber with silk trick (Old as the Greeks and Benjamin Franklin).
4.—I noticed that Emily Dickinson has a few verses in 6-8-6-7, 6-8-6-7, the failure to attain her rapture is not due to her example, but my own heavy hand.

13 September 2004
Corpus Christi, Texas