I'll Never Know

You plead with me

You say come on

It could be fun

Just to try it once

To become something else

Because we love each other as friends

Even if we're straight

Our love can handle anything

Coming closer to me

Beckoning to me

Just this one time

To decide

Because you're so in love with me

I don't know if I love you

My mind tells me I'm straight

But it means nothing deep inside

Somehow I could see

What you want us to be

But how could we

Abandon everything

Love will never conquer all

No matter how you feel

Our love is still illegal

And restricted by hormonal labels

Icy, vile calls

Burning glares in the halls

Nothing can ever be all right

No one will ever understand

You're my every waking dream

My only hate

Sprung from my only love

The one I'm not allowed to have

I'm running away

I never got to hear what you'd say

He's the only one

The only way to drown you out

I wonder now, if things were different

If you would wake up beside me

But none of it matters anymore

Because I'll never know