This world is such a cold and scary place
It is filled with pain, anger, hate, and despair
And the most evil thing of all, the human race
This cold and hard reality chokes me
I cannot breathe because the human race is apart of me
I see pain, anger, hate, and despair more and more each day
It makes me look inside myself and see all the pain within me
I have never really felt special or had much purpose in my life
Throughout the day I feel the pain, anger, hate, and despair grow
Putting up with all this stupid bullshit makes me cry
Many days I just want to give up
Most days I just want to die
The nightmares haunt me so I never sleep
But the you came and changed my life
You changed how I saw things
The sky is a soft pale blue
The world is warm and not so cruel
You make me feel happy and warm inside
All my pain and sorrow drifts into the air
You will never have to wipe away my tears because when I am with you I have
no reason to cry
I can be myself
I don't feel a need to hide who I am and lie
I close my eyes, think of you, and I fall asleep peacefully
Knowing you are thinking of my too
I don't know what will happen next
All I do know is that I love you, and I have never felt so special then
when I hear you tell me that you love me too.