Does anyone ever notice
The teddy bear on the shelf,
The one with matted hair
And frayed pink nose?
Do you see it?
The one behind the lion,
The tabby cat and the
Mess of beanie babies?
Squashed between the dead, cold wall
And the animals the child still plays with.
Once, so very long ago the child loved the bear,
For never was there a night the boy slept without
The soft gray bear cradled beneath one arm.
Over time the soft fur became matted,
And the pink nose frayed,
But still the child loved the teddy bear
For the security and warmth it brought.
Now, now the child is older,
More mature.
No more is there a want for the gray bear,
So it is placed upon a shelf all alone
Flopped over to one side.
And like most things,
The teddy bear is soon forgotten
As dust collects upon its matted fur.
Every day it wonders:
What happened to the child who hugged me everyday?
The child who dragged me everywhere
And cried when he left me behind?
What happened to the memories?
What happened to the love
the child had for me?