Rose-Colored Glasses

Are you happy now?
Now that you've broken my world apart
And sent me crashing to the ground
In the maelstrom of mixed emotion
Confusion reigns supreme
Pretty flames dance in my ruined heart
There is beauty in destruction
Funny how it seems to be lost on me
Beauty here I can't see
But you seem to delight in the pain you cause me
My own fault though
Ask me if I hate you, and I will tell you no
Its not you that I hate at all
It is myself I scorn
Myself I mock and berate
I hate myself for not being able to see
So many times you set my heart ablaze
Yes, with passions flame
The passion of pain
And yet so many times I placed
Rose-colored glasses in ebony frames
Across my face and smiled
Welcomed you back into my heart
With open arms
I sit here amidst the chaos
Dressed in black leather and with a naked face
Wearing those rose-colored glasses no more
Tears falling in rhythm with the rain
Watching the flames dance and spread
Ask me if I hate you
And I will tell you no
It was me that was so stupid
It was me that couldn't see
This is the way you always were
It is the way you will always be
No, I don't hate you
I hate myself instead