Humor is a sober thing
What's funny to one isn't always exactly humorous to another
Humor that hurts,
Humor that tears,
Isn't even funny at all.
Yet no one,
Really ever pauses
To see the difference.
They say the first thing,
That pops into their head.
The first . . . the first. . .
Could be painful,
Could scar for life. . .
But at the same time, at the same instance,
It could really be comedy. . .
Not blue light,
Not insult
Pure, humorous, enjoyed by all,

A/N: I know that not everyone speaks their mind all of the time, and that
it is wrong to make generalizations such as this, but sometimes, it does
seem like everyone does this. So, don't yell at me for generalizing, I do
realize that this isn't a fact.