Lamenting on a porch, curled up in a welcome mat, it was showery.
"Great structure," you said, but lean your face a different way.
I puckered my lips and blew a kiss but you had departed behind the lace and
locked me inside,
Your skin unfilled as you peaked beneath the curtain sharing my beloved

I turn lucid for your amusement, as I cry giggling.
You stare seemingly unseen, acting invisible, masking your curiosity
As you stuck your head too far, you banged the window and the lace fell.
I turned myself over, get away from me dear: oh, but I can't get that far.

Please: bow your head; submission is my favored gift.
Young vulnerable child; dance for me and be my lingering emotion in these
cold nights.
For you I will buy a mocking bird to chime along your distress in the
We were unbeaten until you haphazardly melded the door.

Crouching low you sprang into the moon lit eve of November; such a
compromising month.