What's this business about
The "United" States of America?
Sure, united we fall
But divided we stand
We only hold hands
In the face of tragedy
And even then
It's only a matter of time
Till we find
A scapegoat to persecute
Pin the blame on the Negro,
The Chink, the A-Rab.
Well that's bullshit.
We need to learn
To face the problem
Instead of punishing a whole race
Or religion, or country
For the actions
Of an extreme few.
And since when is freedom
A sacrifice to security?
Sure, I value my safety,
But it's not more important
Than liberty and justice for all.
Cause I'll tell you one thing;
The Patriot Act was not devised
To protect me
Not when I can be arrested
And interrogated
And detained
Simply for speaking out
Against the "President," the war in Iraq,
Or anything that sounds like conspiracy
And I don't think killing innocent Iraqis
Will make me feel more secure
Not when half of the country hates me
For my beliefs alone.
Not in a country of hypocrites
That claims free speech
But duct tapes the mouth
That doesn't spew the filthy lies
That it was told to.
Not in a country of hypocrites
That claims free press
But destroys and mangles the truth
Somewhere in its convoluted system
Of censorship.
Not in a country of hypocrites
That claims liberty and justice for ALL
But discriminates against
Gays, the poor, the uninformed, uninsured, and unintelligent, the low-
skilled, women,
The young, the elderly, the ugly, the ill, the minority, the outspoken, the
The uneducated, the questioning, the different.
NOT in a country
Where George W. Bush
Is President.