You'll Hate Me

So frozen

Beneath a sheet of hatred

Knowing you'll stop caring if I come out

You all will

Stop calling yourselves friends

I hear you badmouth me

And all those who feel this way

Without knowing that you're saying

Against someone you "care" about

Until she proves to be wrong

I still want to talk to you

But every time I try

You either talk about your crushes

Or your religion

Neither I can share

Forget me, please

You can't be friends with a Goth

Or someone rediscovering faith

As a Pagan

Or with someone who likes a girl

Neither of you know

That I'm not the person you met

Back in eighth grade

Boy crazy

Hyperactive and giggly

You'll never rediscover me

Because you've stayed the same

And if you knew one thing about me

Regardless of what I do

You'll hate me