Nikki Night sat in the back of the yellow taxi with all of her things. The taxi swerved crazily across the street. What am I doing here, I could just run away, she thought as she looked out the window. Drops of rain dropped against the window.

Nikki, who was 14, ran her hand through her short, black, spiky hair, a nervous habit of hers. She wore baggy blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt with the word "SoBeR" on it. The car rumbled as it waited for the light to turn green at the intersection making her feel shaky.

"I spend a night in juvie and I get sent to a boarding school." She mumbled quietly, clenching her hand. She traced the tattoo on her arm. Flames went up and down her pale arm, it was so real that it flickered every time she moved her it. She had 7 of them in total; one each shoulder blade, one on her hip, back of her neck, the one on her left arm, one on each ankles. She had about five earrings on her left ear and none on her right ear, a belly piercing too.


Elizabeth Elm shivered as she walked in the breezeway. The rain began to slow down but showed no sign of stopping completely. The cold air wrapped around her, gently caressing her cheeks. She was waiting for a new student, one that was known as a trouble maker.

Elizabeth, known mostly as Lizzy, was wearing a dark red sweater and blue jeans (her favorite colors). She was about 1oo years old, with the body of a teenaged girl around 16. She had earrings that dangled from her ear to her shoulder. Her long brown-red hair was tied up in a ponytail.

She had just gotten to this school about 10 years ago. She was still learning in how to be a vampire. Though she is one of the creatures of the night, she could walk in the sun and eat 'human food'. Lizzy sighed and looked at her watch. This Nikki likes odd things, she thought, apparently she likes to be late too.