Chapter 1


"Miss, your stop," Said the taxi driver. I looked out the window, I guess this was it. I paid the driver $23.40 and got out. He unlocked the trunk and I lifted out 2 suitcases. I nodded at him, he grinned and drove away. I looked back at the large building. It had a large statue in the front, I think it was Atlas; he held up the roof of the school. I shook my head and went up the, what seemed to be 15 flights of stairs, but instead it was about 4oo I had lost count after 25.

"Damn," I said as I huffed up a few more steps before stopping. "I need to exercise more." I made it to the last of the steps I saw a girl standing in red and blue with her arms crossed. The welcome wagon has arrived. A crowd bustled in and out of the front entrance. I saw red haired, green haired, black haired and a whole mess of color kids rushing, I would think to their next class or to get out of here.

She looked at me for a few minutes as I stared at the doors. I gently dropped my suitcase and held out my hand she took it as she said hello.

"The name is Elizabeth Elm, nice to meet you." She said her voice had a thin layer of British accent. Her pale face almost matched mine except the fact that I was kind of darker than her. "You can call me Lizzy."

"Night, Nikki Night." I replied. "But you can call me Nik." She smiled, "This way then, Miss Nik" Her voice said hitting my name, leading me though the doors. A few people, servants, took my things but I wouldn't let go of my backpack. She led me to, what seemed to be the front office. She knocked on it rapidly three times and opened the door.

A woman, thin with white hair sat at desk. The room was filled with books, on the bookshelves and sprawled open on the ground. On the wooden desk was a small but readable gold plate with the name of White Wym. Her eyes were burning a whole through a piece of paper she was reading. She roughly took a pen and scratched something out.

"Ms. Wym?" Elizabeth called out, startling the old woman. She looked up, her nose was long like a bird's beak, her eyes the color of sapphires. She broke into a smile and stood up, scraping her chair. She held out her hand, I took it, we shook and she laughed.

"What a strong grip you have there, Miss Night." She said, sitting back down. "Have a seat." She waved to the chairs just next to her desk. I propped my backpack against my shins and braced my back into the seat. It was brown like the rest of the room, but it was as soft as velvet and cool as winter.

Ms. Wym, quickly took out a folder, full of papers sticking in at odd angles. I could barely read it but I caught a glimpse of my name written in bold, black letters. Wow, is that my portfolio or is that my record?

She flipped in it and pulled out a piece of paper. I smirked as she studied it, giving it to Lizzy. I remembered that it was my essay of what I wanted to learn in school. I had thrown it in orange dye and taped it to a really bad picture of a man and a woman, censoring the private parts with it.

I saw Lizzy's jaw drop a fraction of a centimeter. I snickered as they both looked at me. I held up two fingers, in the peace sign, my sign that I will behave. Ms. Wym, I think moved her lips into a small smile but Lizzy slightly frowned. I am having a very cool headmistress and a sore girl in my hands, I like this place already.