Chapter 10

A month later

"Sasu what are we going to do?" Sabu paced around her room. The latest attacks of demons had become stronger. The amount getting up to, sometimes, twenty. Sasu sat still thinking his head only popping up when he had an idea, but just rejecting them once he was about to talk.

"I look at the weather report and they keep saying it's going to snow soon." Sabu was pulling up the carpet until finally Sasu put in something. "Maybe we should take them back." Sabu stopped and looked at him 'Are you serious?' She looked at him and he nodded.

She shook her head. "That's ludicrous, they couldn't handle that." Sasu shrugged. "We have been planning it for a while and maybe it's the thing to keep them together. Going back home would be just the thing." For a second Sabu thought of it and then began to shake her head again.

"Sabu, it's the only way." He stood up and grabbed onto her shoulders making her look up at him. For the first time she reluctantly nodded. It was the way and she knew that. She just didn't want to take them back to get shattered again.

Her big brother wrapped her in his arms. "We have to take a chance." He looked into her eyes and she nodded again. So he let her go and walked out to the living room.

"Shut up!" Tina yelled at Serena. Serena standing ready to smack Tina. But Serena tried to hold herself back knowing that Tina was just angry or drunk. Or maybe both.

"Tina, you can't be serious about Tom." Serena tried to point out, but Tina just walked around them taking huge huffs of breathe. "Why are you talking about being serious? You're a SLUT!" Serena tried to take a breathe to calm herself down, but that was after she had already taken a swing at Tina.

Tina landed hers and they began to fight like animals. Punches and slaps heard through out the house. Emily was sitting on the couch kind of shocked by what she was seeing. Mike was no where to be seen even though he was just there a moment ago.

"Tina, Serena stop it!" Sasu ran over to them and tried to pry them apart, but all he got was an unbelievably painful punch in the eye. Sasu slid away trying to tend to his eye. But it still hurt like hell.

"You two stop it!" Serena stopped punching. Tina stopped moving and they both looked up at Eve. It was their first time hearing her yell since they had been there. "Thanks." Eve said before walking back into her room.

The door shut and both of the little girls looked at each other and they both realized how stupid they were being, and Serena got up brushed herself off and helped up Tina. "Sorry," they said in unison, and followed it up with a nod and walked to opposite sides of the room. Emily and the little girl sitting on the couch. Eden licking himself at the end of it.

"We need to talk." Sasu said with an eye patch made from his hand over his eye. He walked over to the table and sat down in one of the chairs welcoming the others to the table.

They all followed Tina sure to sit on the other side of Serena. Mike walked back in from smoking a cigarette by the smell of him. Emily just sat between it all.

Sabu walked in from Eve's room, and sat next to Sasu. "We're going back to Nebraska." It was silent for a while and then Sabu smiled and continued.

"We need to get it together since it's going to be snowing in a month and they are coming for us." As if on cue the door bell rang. Mike got up to get it, but Sabu shook her head and he sat down again.

"Eve, get the door!" Sabu yelled and Eve walked to the door with an actual dagger in her hand. Mike felt sorry for any of the delivery guys that delivered to her door.

Eve opened the door a screech was heard and then Eve closed it. Walking back into her room and shut her door.

They all looked at the door for a second as if they thought she would pop out with some balloons or something.

"Anyways..." Sabu continued. "They have been coming at us stronger lately. They are getting desperate." They all nodded with wide exaggerated eyes. They remember the last twenty. But they smiled with pride when they remembered it was every body's first true kill.

"Well Eve has already arranged our bus so we will get there by tomorrow." Sabu nodded when she was done, but everybody still sat there waiting for her to continue. "What?"

"We can't go we have jobs." Tina spoke up. "That will be taken care of." Sasu said. They all still looked quite unsure about all of it. Emily thought Karen would be pissed if she left to another state with out talking to her about it, but it wasn't her she was worried about. It was Jake. Would he be disappointed in her, or worst hate her for ditching him.

"We'll only be there for three weeks so we can come back." Sasu said, but they all thought about Christmas and their original plans. Which seemed bigger than all of this. But they knew saving the world was a little bigger than a party, but only by a little.

They nodded and walked to the door to leave. "Where are you going?" They were stopped by Sabu's voice. "You guys have all your stuff in the training room get it and we're going to get out of here. We have an hour." They all looked at her shocked and ran to the training room and practically trampling over each other they got their stuff and stuffed into the elevator.

"Where is Eve?" Serena asked. Thinking she was probably off gallivanting off with Serena's man. "She already left." Sasu told her and Serena huffed. "Why can't she ever be apart of the team." She would have never said those words if she didn't hate Eve, and just wanted to down her.

They all stood in silence the ding of the elevator let them all out and they ran to their cars in silence and drove in silence. Got there in silence and boarded in silence. Not counting the time Michael hit on the girl at the desk while asking where bus 105 was.

They boarded and all paired up. Serena sat with Michael, Tina was stuck sitting next to some twenty year old guy that she didn't know. Emily cringed noticing how awkward it looked for her. In uncomfortable silence.

Emily's only choice was to sit next to Eve. Eve didn't even acknowledge her as Emily made an annoying sound as her butt slid against the plastic cushions. Emily smiled at Eve and looked at her vacant lap and missed the little girl that used to accompany her every where, but she didn't come along with her that day to Eve's.

She wasn't even there when Emily woke up. She just thought she had gone back with her brother, she loved to talk about, during the night and didn't want to wake Emily.

Emily gave a sad smile to her lap, when she heard a little squeak. She looked over and there the little girl was accompanied by Eden. Emily wondered if it was okay if the dog was there before he settled over her feet.

She looked back at the little girl and she held a little teddy bear. It looked old and beat up, it's fur probably a golden brown once looked gray. It looked like a piece off the street but when the girl handed it over to Emily to hold something so familiar made her stomach curl.

She had tears for no reason and it felt so weird. She never cried. Especially over a teddy bear. "My brother wanted me to give that to you for saving me from those evil men." She said beaming with pride and love for Emily. Emily held out her arms and welcome her into her lap.

Emily held the bear as if it was glued to her hand and placed it in the little girl's lap. Hugging her tight. Eve looked at the teddy bear and looked back at the window.

Tina let the uncomfortable silence she felt with the guy sitting next to her subside as the bus began to roll. She watched the road intently until she felt her stomach jerk. She felt road sick easily. So she had to turn to the front and look at Mike right in front of her. She didn't seem to exist to him.

After the night before he didn't look at her as if she was a real person.

"Hey Tina." Tina smiled at Tom and he gave her a drink in return. A virgin on the beach. "It's really cool that you quit drinking." He smiled at her, and she smiled right back. She sat at the bar and wanted to envelope Tom's hours with long, beautiful, and poetic conversation. But she had nothing to say. "I like your shirt." She pointed out. He laughed and shook his head.

She missed an obvious conversation cue. She knew it, but way to late. 'Well I guess if I have great friends to support me and a cute bartender to put his foot down, every girl could get sober.' She would of had him she had said that, but the moment had passed.

"Hey Tina." Serena sat next to her. "I think I have it all set up." Tina looked at her companion with surging curiosity. "What plan?" Serena smiled like the devil. "The one to get you and Mike together." As if one cue Michael popped in the door way to the bar smiling and waving at them.

Tina leaned in closer to Serena. "I don't want Mike, I don't know what gave you that idea." Serena smiled and shrugged her shoulders just in time to welcome Michael to the party.

"Well I have to go sit some where we actually get service." Serena said getting up and walking over to the closest chair to Trent, and the farthest from Eve. Mike didn't seem to mind taking her place.

"Hey Little Tink." He smiled and Tina burnt up. "I thought I told you not to call me that." She scolded him. He just laughed. "Yeah, like twenty times in this past week, but some on it's cute." He tried ruffling her hair, but she just smacked his hand away.

"Hey Tina is this guy bothering you?" She snapped her head to see Tom sneering at Mike. She stayed silent. Not knowing what to say. If she said the wrong thing something bad would happen, but if she said the right thing nothing would happen. So she stayed silent focusing on her drink.

"Hey buddy haven't I seen you before?" Tom asked and Mike said, "No." She hoped they would leave it at that, but Tom didn't leave. "Hey buddy just leave the girl alone." God she felt she was helpless and it made her sick, but she couldn't help it.

"I'm not bothering her, I think I would know that since I've known for only my whole life." Tom stopped for a second thrown off by the fact. Tina nodded t o confirm it and Tom just went on. "Doesn't matter if you knew her in a past life, doesn't give you the right to bother her."

Mike stood up. "I don't need to be bothered by a goddamned bartender. I'm leaving. Tina?" She felt ashamed as she felt him expecting to leave with him, and part of her wanted to. Another part of her wanted to jump on Tom. So she took the middle road again. She didn't move. "Fine." Mike said walking out.

The slam of the door mad her cringe and she gulped back her drink.

"Can you believe that guy?" Tom asked and Tina shook her head. Feeling like she was going to cry.

Reviewing last night, Tina knew Mike should be ignoring her. She was a bitch. "Hi my name is Rick." Tina turned to the guy who randomly just decided to break the silence. She smiled at him and went back to looking at the nauseating road.

Serena was laughing with Mike. He told some witty joke and they went into their little brother and big sister routine. Even though he was older than her by like a year, she still acted more mature. Giving him tips on how to get the hottest chicks. Too bad he never took them.

"Um Mike..." Time to get serious. "What happened last night, I mean between you and Tina?" He shut up and took a long breathe to get the laugh out of his throat.

She had heard Tina's explanation, but not Mike's she didn't want to bring down his high of denial.

"Hey Tina, so what happened with Mike last night?" Her voice suggesting some interesting gossip. But Tina just shook her head. "He was getting on my nerves." Serena couldn't believe what she was hearing. Tina was complaining about Mike.

"What happened?" Serena got out? She held attentive sitting in the living room. Mike out in the hallway smoking. "I don't know, but Tom noticed and told him to leave." Serena's jaw dropped.

"So you took Mike's side right?" Serena pushed. "Please say you did?" Serena couldn't believe what Tina did next. She shook her head. "What?" Her jaw felt like ripping out of the socket. Tina shook her head again to make sure she saw.

"What the hell Tina, you take the side of Tom, a guy you don't even know, instead of a guy you have known since you were born, and fell in love with?" "I didn't fall in love with Mike!" She protested right away. Serena shook her head.

"Wait do you like Tom?" Serena asked. Tina went silent. "Oh my god!" She screeched. "That is such a bitchy thing to do!" Serena stood up. Afraid she might punch her. "Shut up!"

"Tina you can't be serious about Tom!"

The rest is history. Serena rubbed her eye self conscious of the bump that would become a bruise. Tina had one hell of a punch. "So what happened?" Serena asked again when she realized he hadn't responded. "Nothing." He said and smiled before telling her another joke.

"What are we going to do when we get there?" Sabu asked herself, knowing Sasu sure didn't have the answer. Sasu shrugged. "Get a couple of rooms I guess and then let them be there." Sabu huffed. She hated not having a plan. She wasn't the spontaneous type.

"How do you think they'll handle seeing it again. The old place I mean." Sasu asked. Sabu shrugged. "Mike will probably laugh, Serena will probably smile, Tina will probably cry, and Emily will probably wont want to leave." Sabu told him. She knew them just too well.

"What about Eve?" Sasu asked. Sabu huffed at the question and thought about it. "Well she'll probably go alone. These days I just don't know what to do with her. She never talks to any of the others, she's like some ghost." Sabu said sadly. "She is a ghost." She said even more sadly.

Sabu and her brother sat in silence for a couple of seconds. "It's going to be her birthday soon. One week." Sasu said. Always trying to mention the good things when they had those evil little silences that crept up every time they started to talk about Eve.

"Well she'll probably go to the cemetery and spend the day there. Like the last two birthdays. God it will be the third year anniversary." Sabu said. Again being the morbid one.

"Yeah if anniversary is the right word to say. You think we should tell them about Derrick?" Silence again as Sabu looked out at the dark sky. She listened to every body snoring. Only Eve sat awake staring at a very uninteresting star.

"Nah, if we do they would just fall apart. They would think Eve was a monster." Sabu sad. Her face falling for the little girl she used to know that was a tyrant, but definitely not a monster.

Sasu seemed to fall asleep, at ease with all the answers he got, depressed, but at ease. Sabu didn't fall asleep the whole ride. She wasn't tired. She sat up watching Eve twitch in her sleep. Tears soaked in moonlight rimming her closed eyes. She took a look around and they all looked identical. Even Sasu had tears spilling through crevasses of his wrinkles.

Sabu looked at every thing around her and every store she saw was closed. The bus driver seemed to be the only one in the world that was awake with her. She felt so alone with such a burden that nobody shared, but she knew she shouldn't feel sorry for herself. Every body had their own burden, but she didn't feel sorry for them either.

They had each other. The only truly alone person in the world was Eve. God poor Eve, she was alone. She wasn't allowed to be any other way. She had to be shut off there was no other options.

She was backed up into a corner.

As if Eve sensed Sabu's thoughts she awoke. Eve looked at Sabu for a moment, and them went back to being alone.

Eve huffed and rubbed the back of her neck ignoring the tears on her cheek. Not even knowing they were there. She looked to the sky and felt alone. But that was nothing new.

She tried to think of her friends, but she couldn't the thought was out of the box for her, and her box was a steel cage. You needed feelings to have friends to share the feelings with and that wasn't necessity to a person who had none of the sticky stuff called feelings.

So she decided to visit a day where she had all the feelings in one day. As if on a shelf she picked up one that stuck out.

( Pretty Girl- SugarCult)

"Two orders of fries, and a cheese burger." Eve spoke into a box in front of some burger place that she didn't quite remember the name of. A girl's voice popped back at her. "That will Six dollars and twenty six cents." Eve was shocked. That much for a friggin burger and some fries.

She drove up to the window and the girl told us to drive up into the parking lot, because it would take a long time to make their order. Eve rolled her eyes and drove her and her friend Christine up to the parking lot.

"I hope they hurry up." Eve huffed. She was kind of anxious because she had a five hour practice for stupid color guard. Why she joined it she did not know. Christine nodded next to her. Christine had black hair and was one of those girls who hung at the back alley of school smoking a pack of cigarettes. The girl that jumped at the chance to be anti-anything. They were both at that stage actually. Both sixteen and trying to be bad asses.

They were against everything, accept color guard since that would kind of be hypocritical. "Look at the hot delivery guy." Also they weren't very much against guys either. Eve's eyes shot up from her wallet and looked to see the guy walking towards them.

He stopped in his tracks when their eyes met. One of his hands filled with a big brown bag and his hair covered by a hat that they made him wear. But his smile still glowed.

It took only a couple of minutes for him to walk over when he was done acknowledging the fact that she was still alive after her twelfth birthday when he left. "Hey." He said like some how it was the day after her twelfth birthday.

"Hey." Christine shot off. Eve kept looking at her money. There was only three bucks in her wallet. She had bought Emily a birthday present today and it cost like forty bucks.

She felt Derrick looking straight at her. She knew exactly what his smile looked like and she knew his eyes were wide trying to take her four year older self.

"Hey Derrick." Eve said to her wallet. She could feel Christine looking at her too. "You know him?" She sounded shocked.

"Yeah, since we were babies, right Eve?" He tapped her on the shoulder and she shrugged away. He still smiled though. "Christine do you have any money I don't have enough." Eve said to her wallet.

"It's on me." Derrick said a smile in his voice and handed them a bag. Eve already knew it was way more than they asked for. Christine took the bag, because Eve refused to even touch it.

"I'm guessing you're still pissed about how I left?" Derrick looked down at her, but she tried not to look up, but he was so close to her she couldn't help but notice him at the corner of her eye. Blue metallic streaks popping out of his brown hat.

Eve nodded telling the truth instead of trying to ignore. She listened for Christine and she was unwrapping the first hamburger of like ten and started chomping down. Eve reached for some fries and stuffed them in her mouth and turned the keys in the ignition.

"You still wear the ring I gave you." Eve looked down at the sapphire that had reminded her so much of his eyes it was creepy. She never knew what it said on the outside because she didn't really bother.

"Do you want it back?" She asked crudely wiggling to the tip of her finger awaiting his answer and he stopped her with his fingers. "No." He shook his head and started to walk back to the restaurant.

"Derrick!" Eve cried out and felt her throat tighten in nerves. When he turned she felt like she had made a big mistake, but she opened the car door and ran towards him anyways.

"I missed you so much." She said in his ear, and he smiled knowing what was coming next. They wrapped their arms around each other and stood there. She felt comforted by the fact that he knew it was coming, most would be so confused, but he just expected and she could tell.

"You're so moody." He laughed, and she laughed too, but with tears in her eyes. He wiped them away and looked her straight in the eye. His blue eyes seeming more intense then when he left. "God I missed you too." They went back for another embrace.

They stood there before they heard the beep of a horn and the call from the manager of the burger place. They pulled apart and left with out a simple good bye. Just a look.

When Eve got back in the car she looked at the clock and she had five minutes to get to practice. It took ten. She started up the car and rushed out of the parking lot. "You have unbelievable mood swings." Christine laughed and Eve looked at the street with a stern face, grabbing a burger with one hand and the stirring wheel with the other.

She took one look back. She saw him...with another girl. They were hugging and they kissed right before they left her vision. She hated him again.

It was around nine o' clock and Eve felt just tired and fed up. Her coaches made her do things over and over again and some body was thrown into the mix. Some Asian guy that looked like an old Asian woman named Tommy got on her nerves.

He kept replying with grunts or "yeah", "uh huh", "okay" in some annoying Asian accent, and sometimes he even did a combination and a head nod. Eve could just tell he was so complex.

"Okay this is the last thing we are doing tonight, then we get to go home." The coach told them, and they were just to tired to celebrate. So they nodded and worked on their routine with perfection and by the look on his face Eve could tell her color guard coach was satisfied. When Eve was ready to wrap their stuff up Tommy grunted in.

"Yeah, um lets try that again." Eve clenched her fists and wanted to sock him. She started walking back to her place, but before she got there she saw one of her other friends crying. Grace was about the nicest girl she knew. It pissed off Eve that she was crying.

The next thing Eve knew she felt a piece of cold medal in her hand. She looked down and it wasn't her flag. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Tommy with such hate that the dagger flew easily from her hand.

It grazed his ear and hit the wall behind him. She looked at him and for some reason the picture of Derrick kissing that random girl ran through her head and she felt another piece of metal shimmer into her hand.

She looked down and at her hand and forced it to disappear. She looked at Tommy and he had pissed his pants. She smiled and then walked out of the room with one look back at their shocked faces, and Grace looked at her and Eve winked and then walked out into the night.

She was blocked by the gate so she climbed and when she reached the top she got really close to the wires they scratched her stomach not the greatest moment for a voice to startle her. It was her coach. "What do you think you're doing?" she lost her balance and one of the gate wires carved into her stomach. She fell to the other side and ran away holding her bleeding stomach.

It was just the perfect time for it to rain. She ran out of the parking lot and let the rain wash away her wound and she started to walk when she began to enjoy it. She closed her eyes and looked up at the sky as if asking for forgiveness and she didn't even notice the car that pulled up beside her.

"Hey Eve need a ride?" She looked down from the heavens and saw Derrick's face starring at her from his car window, wait no her car window. She flipped him off and...

The bus came to a halt and she jerked out of her thought, and looked at Sabu. Sabu's eyes were filled with terror. "They're here Eve."

Eve stood up and looked around. everyone on the bus was awake and she looked around for Serena. "Serena..." Serena jumped from fear and looked at Eve with expected relief. "Tell everyone to fall asleep. Except for everyone you know."

Serena nodded and stood about to speak. "Wait, Mike go stand ready to take control of the bus." He nodded and walked over losing his balance as the bus swerved. "What is going on?" Echoed through the bus.

"Now Serena." Serena nodded and continued. "Everyone that doesn't know me fall asleep." Most of the people fell asleep and the bus was about to swerve out of control before Mike pulled the little yellow break. The bus stopped and all was calm for a second.

"Eve, they're not all falling asleep." Serena's voice filled with worry and Eve rolled her eyes. "Okay you guys get out of the bus and start attacking the demons. I'll take care of the people who are awake." They all nodded again and walked out into the rain, the door closing behind them.

"What is she going to do?" Serena asked Sabu. Serena guessed the storm drowned her out, because Sabu didn't respond. Serena just looked at Sasu. "I'll tell ya later." He smiled and they all looked up at the sky.

"I guess this might be a good time to try out some new gadgets." Mike said and they all looked at him. "I've been really bored lately." He shrugged and handed them out.

They all got a dagger that split in two and spun at an amazing speed when they pressed a button. They got daggers that curved to their hands, and gloves that Mike didn't even know what they did.

"Oh Emily you get this, try and stay out of danger okay." Mike handed her a huge bow half the size of her whole body, but once she grabbed it she felt like it attached to her hand.

She took the arrows and put them on her back as everyone else walked up into the action. Emily felt mad that she was being left out, but she stayed where she was supposed to.

When they got up there Eve was already there killing some that had landed with just your ordinary day dagger. The gore was almost artistic as the blood splattered like pant against the white top of the bus and the ash like green glitter from a child's craft project.

"Go Eve." Mike said before being attacked by one of the demons. They all were thrown into the trouble. They killed quickly with their new gadgets and Emily shot the beasts before they got about a mile from the bus. Screams never ending in a long train of death. Emily smiled.

Sabu and Sasu watched from the sidelines and smiled in pride. Their training worked and they all fought like a super hero, but not quite like a god yet. But Eve she was a different story.

The blood spill was her home as the goddess inside of her, and the screams was the instruments of the most beautiful symphony of the soundtrack of the end of life. That is what Eve thought of it.

Sabu thought it was the most beautiful and grotesque thing in the worlds.

Sasu looked upon Emily and she was beautiful in all her glory. Her arm pulling back and hitting every time. The snap of the arrow making it's own thunder, the arrow making a beautiful medal lightning.

Emily dropped her bow and arrow suddenly and she hung it around her shoulder and in Sasu's fear climbed up the side of the bus. She was getting too cocky.

Emily took one of her daggers out and thrust it into one of the demon's backs in front of her. She pressed the button and it screamed out for the blood that spilt from its chunks flying all over the place.

Emily smiled at Serena and took the demon behind her with a thrust of the dagger not bothering with the button. Serena felt like she was going to get sick.

Emily felt like a natural at it and she decapitated, amputated, and stabbed all the demons that stood in front of her, and behind her.

She looked for more and saw Mike having trouble with one of his. She pulled her bow and arrow and shot it through the crowd and the demon was gone with out a shriek. Her eyes looked at Mike and he looked shock to see her. She just winked and turned to fight.

When she turned one of the demons took her by the neck. She was distracted and that is what she got. She looked at it with wide eyes. 'You will die by my hand.' Her eyes told the monster and the eyes widened opening the abyss even more.

Emily felt her glove on her hand and gripped it like Mike told her to, and spread up her arm and felt some kind of liquid spread across her body. She grabbed the demon by the neck as if the glove told her to, and the demon's neck melted between her fingers. Whoa!

Emily looked at herself and she saw her body glisten under the rain that rolled off her. She grazed it with one of her fingers and it felt like she had some kind of second skin and she smiled. 'Cool' she thought and took the next demon next to her.

"Damn it Emily." Mike scorned at her back. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she used the mysterious glove and he smiled when he thought, no he knew, that she could take of herself easily.

He went back to his own battle and the demon tried to retreat to the sky, dripping blood from the rain. So he took the dagger wrapped around his hand and threw at the bleeding demon, heard a scream, and caught the dagger before it could do the same to him.

He hit the next one, and the next one. They came to him like flies to a corpse. He used variety so he wouldn't get caught with the same move and hit them down quickly so they wouldn't gang up on him. He hit hard and he ht fast. He didn't think about them just the human beings around him. One girl sticking out of the corner of his eye.

Her body shifted with the demon's and it seemed as if Tina was dancing with it until she grabbed it's head and made it scream with a look. It made his body chill that she could do such a thing, but she didn't let them go insane like the other ones she had defeated. She killed them before the pain truly hit them.

It seemed that the beasts seemed to try and avoid Tina. They had seen plenty of times what had happened to those who crossed her path and Mike thought it was something to be proud of, but he knew it made her hurt just the same.

He saw tears sticking out on her cheeks, different from the fast rain drops the tears sticking to her pale skin. Until he felt like he had taken a hit in the stomach. Mike looked down to see blood pouring from his stomach and took the demon who did it.

I swung at the demon that came behind him, but he hadn't actually killed just knocking it to the floor. He turned to it and grabbed it's ready to slice it's head off. "Wait!" It pleaded with him and it's vulnerable female state replaced it's ghastly demon form. That was so much easier to kill.

Her eyes shone like beautiful black diamonds pulling him towards her face. "What do you wish to say?" She smiled with satisfaction. "Watch out for your companion." She smiled with deathly sharp teeth.

He raised his dagger to her neck wanting to make it easier by looking up to the moon, but they both knew he would not do it knowing she would easily attack him in a blink of an eye. "Which one?" She laughed and he drew a jagged line across her fifteen year old neck, but she still wore her smile.

"The one that has no emotion and the one who will end this world as quickly as the innocence has started it." He let the dagger press harder. "I would not speak in riddles when you are supposed to die." He slid it more down into her chest to emphasize his point and just smiled looking to no direction unparticular.

He followed her gaze and set his eyes on none other than Eve. He looked up to moon and felt something like the fact that he knew this demon was right, but closing his eyes had been his mistake for the night. The demon grabbed his arm and pushed it away from her chest.

He looked back in shock and felt his foot slip. He was about to lose balance it grabbed his chest and made deep gashes into his chest. Feeling like the nails had penetrated an inch away from his heart.

Her eyes penetrated his. She smiled as if toying with him and moved her scaled face close to his and barely missing his mouth moving to his ear. "You know she killed him right, I saw how he begged for mercy and she gave no pity as she stabbed him right in the heart." Her eyes played with his mind as he tried to figure out what she was saying until she got bored and went for the kill.

"Agggggghhhh!" The screech of the demon penetrated his head as the demon turned into mist. Eve behind it with the beauty of the demon he thought of her. She held his gaze before his feet had left the bus and he fell to the ground with his head hitting first. His eyes shut and mind off.

Eve finished them off as everybody gathered around Michael's unconscious body. "Let Hekate be with him." Eve said before walking onto the bus and leaving them to carry Michael into one of the chairs.

Tina silently hoped Hekate was a good term for safety. And Eve was not hoping ill will o Michael. She felt guilty for thinking that. She should know that Eve would want him to be okay, but then the site of her leaving him to fall off the bus stayed in her mind.

"Hekate is the Greek goddess who guides people in their unconscious state. He'll be safe with her." Serena said as if answering Tina's question. Everybody paused to look at her. "I did a report on her once." Serena dismissed all their questions and carried Michael to his chair.

Tina was the last one to let go. She wanted to make sure her friend Mike had a blanket even if she was made at him. She smiled down at him because he looked so child like. Like he always had even in his crib. Soon she caught her self wiping his hair out of his face to see the twitches on his face. Nightmare induced.

Tina felt her body jerk away before she could protest and walk back to her seat, but it had been occupied by Serena. She had not given up on Tina. And in some ways that made her happy, but the other parts of her were just annoyed as she walked back to sit next to Michael.

He was calm now, but as she sat next to him. Her body shook when he grasped her hand. She cringed when it started to hurt, but he was apparently in more pain then she was.

Tina took the blanket and lifted around the both of them, since it was cold and there was no more blankets. No other reason. When she lifted the armrest so she could get more of the blanket she felt something make her body collapse against his.

"Hold him, get closer." She heard Serena and she felt her body actually do it. What was happening she didn't know, but he seemed to eel better when she did. Suddenly she felt her mind fall into his as if their skin touching was just some kind of trap door, but she was already walking through his memory before she could get out of it.

When she walked down the halls it seemed like he wasn't even there, unlike every other mind she had visited. She looked at the walls plastered with moving, what seemed to be home videos of him. Some of her. Well most of her.

Out of everybody in that house they had spent so much time together, mostly with her crying in his arms and him trying to cheer her up.

"I'll miss you so much." Her own voice freaked her out and she turned to her tear streamed face. So this is what he thought of her. This is what stuck out. When she cried. It was one of the loudest memories so it had to be the one he thought of most, or just the one he regretted the most.

"I guess I'll miss you too, little Tink." Tina knew she didn't like that name even then. But she remembered not wanting to ruin him and her sitting up together all night. It fast forwarded through some of the conversations that he probably didn't remember.

She smiled when she saw the sun coming up behind her head. She smiled when she got so close to her face and then it all went dark.

"I wish you were Eve." She stopped smiling. That was what he was thinking when they kissed that first time. It made her want to get sick since Eve was only eight at the time, and Mike was ten. How could he have such mean and cruel thoughts in his head, and all of a sudden she didn't want to hear anymore.

She got up to leave, but suddenly felt lost. Her heart beat was quick and loud. Mike would probably wake up to it. Her anger fell to her feet as she began to run even farther down, and it rose through her throat. "You fuck." She whispered, but he had heard her. That is why his mind squirmed, and the memories faded for a second.

But she still ran until her feet felt sadly glued to the floor. She was now watching something that only happened about a month ago. She could tell that she looked beautiful in Mike's eyes. Her eyes seemed to glow in his mind even though they were just a dull gray when she looked in the morning.

"Thanks." And to her it didn't really matter what she said or what he thought, but when the kissed her ears perked up and she was glad to hear nothing, but the other memories. "I missed you." He thought after they parted and she smiled and went on.

She kept walking past memories and kept her smile. He missed her, actually missed her. She did a little dance with her hands up in there. Maybe she did like him.

Her mind floated her over the floor until finally she reached what must of been the repressed section of his memories. She needed to leave and she knew it, but her legs walked her into the black fog.

Her skin crawled it didn't want to be there either, but her muscles pushed her, her instinct prodded her. "Hey Mike." She turned to see a neighbor she remembered. She didn't remember why his smiled made her body force out everything she had eaten.

He was Mr. Beckman.

"Hey little Mike, want to come and play." She saw her Mike's four year old reflection in his glasses. When he grabbed her hand she finally realized why this was so repressed. "Get the fuck away from me you rapist." She slapped but her hand ran through his face.

"Come on Mike it'll be fun." Tina tried and tried to rip away from him. "Let me go." she pleaded remembering that was what Mike sounded like. "I won't let you hurt Mike." Then his face twisted into smoke and left Tina alone.

She ran away before he had the chance to come back. She ran before arriving back on the bus. She must of escaped his mind. Finally.

But the wind blew that hope away. She was on the bus. A demon held her by the chest. Her skin made her whole body screech in pain, the demon's eyes made her brain screech in fear.

"You know she killed him right..." "Tina!" Tina jerked her head and looked up to see Mike looking straight into her eyes. "What the hell were you doing?" She couldn't say anything before he got really pissed. She didn't know how to defend herself.

"What the hell were you doing going through my memories like that?" His face told Tina he was actually way beyond pissed. "Those are my property!" He pointed at himself as if he didn't think she knew. "It was an accident." She finally muttered.

"So you just fell into my mind. God Tina do you not get anything about personal space." She felt the tears gush and run and unlike all the other times he didn't comfort her. He coaxed them. "Don't cry." He demanded. But she did and faster.

"I can't believe you." She couldn't look at the disgust on his face. "I'm sorry." She said between tears and he looked down at her, and then he fell into routine.

He sat down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Don't cry, please." She tried to oblige since he was being so nice about it, but it was hard. "Just don't do it again okay, and if you ever mention what you saw I might not be so forgiving." He said it with a smile, and she smiled forcing her brain to go with it.

"Thanks." Tina said. Her face laid on his chest. "Thanks." He repeated, as if he didn't hear her. "for saving me from Mr. Beckman." Tina wiped her tears and they fell asleep like that and Serena was very happy, Tina imagined.

Eve flipped him off and got in the car. "Well you're very welcome." Derrick said it with a laugh, but Eve didn't show him that it was a laughing time. He stopped, but he still smiled. "What's up Evee?" She looked out to the rain to get it out.

"It's what's your tongue DOWN some other chicks throat as I left today." Eve expected him to get all guilty faced and say sorry. So he laughed.

"So that is why you sin so much with your finger. Tsk tsk." He shook his finger starting to move his car again. "Who is she?" Eve challenging him to remember her name. He just shrugged. "But she just jumped when you left, my first day on the job too." He acknowledged it as if it was something to proud of like a record.

This made Eve's face burn with anger. "Leave with a kiss come back with a kiss." She whispered to herself. He squirmed. Suddenly she felt conflicted about his super hearing. "Listen, about that..." Eve was so glad that it didn't take them to get to her house, because they were already in front of the foster home. "Just leave it alone." Eve hopped out of the car into the rain.

"But I don't want to Eve." And he called her moody. He seemed seriously determined to screw her over.

She walked up to the door with him by her side. "I meant what I said." She rolled her eyes and pushed the key into the lock missing it and dropping the keys. Stupid Derrick.

She bent to get them, but he was already with them in his hand. "I'm not letting you have..." By that time she had already grabbed them and unlocked the door.

She walked in her feet soaking the carpet. Sabu would be pissed at her for doing it, but hopefully the news about her coach would make her ignore the carpet.

She walked into her room, glad that Derrick was the slightest bit attracted to the stuff around him to follow all the way back to her room. She sat in the middle took off her shirt and examined her wound. It was pretty damn deep. She touched and it stung like hell.

"You just never give up do you?" Eve said as she heard the light foot steps of the young man behind her. He shook his head.

"Nope, I guess we have something in common." He said, through a smile kneeling down behind her.

Eve looked up at the real sky and huffed. She asked herself if she really did believe that he was telling the truth. That day that he left. That day in her bedroom. That day of her birth. That day that he left, with a ring on her finger.

"Who cares." She whispered not wanting to wake up anyone and fell asleep herself.