"one long night"
Sticky eyelids open
Leather couch is sticky, sweaty
Reach for a cigarette a beer a joint a book of poems by Robert Frost
Whatever will pass the time while Lorenza uses the bathroom and
Straightens her damn hair.
Hour passes
More empty beer cans
They form a pyramid
Robert's poems are drooled on.
Fishnets pulled on.
Black leather skirt.
Tight, tore up black shirt.
High black boots.
Short white hair with three shades of blue drowning it.
Ready for a night of nonsense.
Lorenza still straightens her damn hair
Aldonza's short blue hair needs no straightening
She sings the body THE CURE puts down Robert
Hands above her head
Shaking her head
Shaking her hips
As Lorenza straightens her damn hair
Blue bangs in her eyes
Singing, "I will always love you."
Lorenza's hair is straight
Aldonza is drunk
Still singing
"whenever I'm alone with you."
prancing down the sidewalk hoping to start a fight
she is fred estaire singing in the rain in black leather and fishnets
black leather boots tapping over bored sidewalks and up onto park benches
singing the cure to homeless people asking for cigarettes
"you make me feel like I am fun again"
bars are lame
loud sweaty filled with large hands ready to pull unknown hips to them
Aldonza sees people making babies on the dance floor
"However far away, I will always love you"
Drinks and shots and empty pitchers and empty plastic cups
Half down Aldonza's throat
Half on Aldonza's shirt
Conversations are impossible
And boring anyway
Drinking and dancing to stay awake
Shaking shimmying swaying singing Aldonza moves on the dance floor
Turns around and pushes those that touch her
Blue lights splash her blue hair
Green lights her black nails
Runs her thin white fingers through her short white hair
"Fly me into the night"
Losing energy from keeping horny primates away
Dancing to stay awake
Drinking to be entertained
Doing the running man
Rocking the running man
Last call
Energy wasted on drunkenness in a lame place
Lorenza and her straight hair have vanished
Last call
Last drink
Last dance
Make the best of this lame, inebriated night
Aldonza can't do it
The music squeezes the buteric acid from her stomach
She sings the body THE CURE and inserts the word, "Fuck it fuck it fuck it
Anarchy. . ."
Aldonza moves off the floor
Shaking her blue hair
Shaking her leather-covered ass
Stumbles right into Prince Charming in Black
God cracks his knuckles, proud of His choreography
One hand on his shoulder, sleeved in tattoos
She looks up into sweet gray eyes
No introductions
He too can rock a mean running man
And they are the envy of no one,
And of everyone, if they'd stop being lame
Dancing like idiots
Making faces
Two strangers
dancing like middle fingers to those around them
Black lights splashing back against the blue and green
Heaven claps along with them and ignores everyone else
These two in black
Nameless to each other
Dancing like fools
Hating their surroundings
Hours pass
Cups emptied
He sleeps next to her
Still in her fishnets