written by Jack McVee

*note: while this has been labelled a romance/comedy, there is still some mighty hefty drama, but that's not really till later. So... just be forewarned.


Two pairs of closed eyes. The CAMERA widens to reveal the handsome, pleasant face of AIDEN REDFIELD. He's a boy-next-door-type, no more than 18 years old. While Aiden is usually friendly and outgoing, right now? He's asleep.


Dear Self. Events don't get any bigger than your

first day at university. Unless... it's your first time

having sex. Or getting married. Or giving birth.

Or dying. Or... being born, I guess. But, aside from

those last two, I'm unlikely to experience anything

bigger than this.

The CAMERA widens further to reveal Aiden is asleep in the backseat of a moving car. His mother, GLORIA, a beautiful businesswoman in her 40s, drives along a moderately busy highway. Any seat that does not contain Aiden or his mother has been used as placeholders for moving boxes.


But... don't get me wrong. I'm not emo or anything.

I mean, just look at me. Being emo would imply that

you adhere to a certain style. If my style was any

more whitebread, my clothes would be translucent.

Which... would make for some interesting walks

down the street.

Aiden's mouth opens slightly, and a spot of drool dribbles down onto his shirt.


High school is dead and gone. It surprisingly wasn't

that memorable for me, in that nothing remotely

interesting, cute, or funny happened during those

supposedly tortorous four years. Oh, there was

that one thing.

FLASH BACK: Aiden, two years younger, is walking down the busy hallways of his high school. A random passerbyer spills coffee all over the side of his shirt.

Present-day Aiden continues to drool.


Yeah, that was somewhat funny. If you weren't me.

Summer consisted, pretty much, of me going

through job after job. My first job was at American

Eagle. I sorta... got fed up with this one customer.

FLASHBACK: Aiden, two months younger, is working the front cash register at American Eagle. A trashy-looking pregnant woman in her early 20s hands him a pair of jeans.


(to Trashy, with increasing anger)

You know, instead of blowing $120 on faux mall-punk

jeans, maybe instead you should pay the water bill

so you and your children can TAKE BATHS!

Present-day Aiden stops drooling, but his mouth remains open in an unflattering way.


Then there was my one-day job at the local video

store, which happened to also sell adult content.

There was a pretty good reason as to why I lasted

only one day.

FLASHBACK: Aiden, one month younger, putting away videos in an aisle. A man in his 50s walks up to him, being quite friendly.


Hi! Could you tell me if you guys have Barely

Legal Cum Queens 5 in stock?

Present-day Aiden's eyes flutter open, taking a while to register light and movement.


But, somehow, sadly, I don't quite think my freshman

year here at the Camebridge University will be as

hilarious or wacky as my summer adventures. Going

from being a relative nobody in a medium-sized population

to a relative nobody in a gigantic-sized population... might

prove to be a challenge. Oh, and there I go with the emo

again! Maybe I need to get those black-rimmed glasses

and a LiveJournal.


What were you dreaming about?




You told me once that whenever you fall asleep in the

car you have really vivid dreams.






My teeth were falling out. It was an experience.


I'll bet.

They hit a speed bump. Aiden nearly hits his head on the roof.


Ooh, shit - sorry hun. You know, it would have been

GREAT if your dad could have at least offered to help

you move. His truck is at least twice the size of my car.


Dad's got his own thing going on.


Does that bother you?

She passingly glances at her rearview mirror, to see if it garnered a reaction from her son. Aiden just shrugs.


It's cool.



You're a teenager, alright.

Aiden looks away as he rolls his eyes. He catches sight of a "WELCOME TO CAMEBRIDGE UNIVERSITY" sign, shining like a beacon of light amidst a pitch black night.

CLOSE UP: Aiden's arm rest. His hand grips it tightly.





I may burp up a butterfly in a minute or so.

The CAMERA leaves the car and rises a little above the horizon so it can take in the absolutely MAMMOTH environment that is the university. It's very traditional: large, ivy covered brick buildings, many tree parks, sidewalks, bike paths, the works.


Gloria's car pulls up, and then whatever deity is behind making this screenplay magically appear in your head hits the FAST FORWARD BUTTON - everything suddenly reverts to a zippy fast motion as the following things happen (very, very quickly) as some light hearted, popular song plays in the background:

-Aiden exits the car, is greeted by a couple of Residence Dons

-Gloria exits the car, immediately instructs the Dons to help them move the boxes

-The Dons struggling with the boxes

-Aiden and The Dons entering the elevator while Gloria waits in the lobby

-Gloria checking her watch and tapping her foot rythmically

-Aiden and The Dons coming back down, loading up the remaining boxes

Normal-motion resumes as Gloria grabs Aiden in a desperate, all-consuming hug of epic proportions. Her face screws up in emotion.


I'll call you every night.


(being squeezed)



Eat those vitamins I bought you.





Well, don't EAT them. Swallow them.



Will do.


With a glass of water.








I know.

Gloria finally lets go, and Aiden can finally re-acquaint himself with oxygen. His mother looks at him with tears in her eyes. Aiden is slightly embarassed, but understanding.


You said you got all your crying out last night.


I did. But... I guess that makes me a liar.


Nah. It just makes you a mother.

Gloria can't help but smile. She raises a hand and brushes a stray hair away from her son's eyes.


You study hard, okay? I was close to amputating

my left arm and selling it to pay for you to be here.


That takes the pressure right off.


Oh, you'll do fine, sweetheart. Just... don't slack off?




Gloria smiles again. Aiden smiles back.


I love you.


I love you too.


I'll call you tonight.

Aiden nods. His mother takes a gander at him one last time - seeing him not as her little boy, but as a responsible adult. She takes off before she cries again. Aiden waves after her.

After a moment of reflection, Aiden turns to head to the elevator, but realises that a female student and her own mother have been watching them the entire time. The mother, so full of emotion and sadness, lets out a pained cry and clings to her daughter for dear life. The daughter shoots Aiden an angry scowl.

Aiden meekly mouths "sorry" and quickly disappears into the elevator as soon as its doors open.


A relatively small little kitchenette area that branches off into three rooms - a bathroom and two bedrooms. Aiden's bedroom door is wide open, with many boxes scattered lazily throughout the room. The front door opens and Aiden walks in, smiling quietly at his own little space.

He enters his bedroom and sits on his tiny, but serviceable bed. One of his boxes has already been opened - one that contains nothing but photographs. Aiden randomly pulls one out.

CLOSE UP: The photograph. An elderly couple sit and smile innocently, bathed under afternoon sunlight in an impossibly green park.

Aiden, in his mind, replays a conversation that we HEAR but do not see.

GRANDFATHER (V.O., flashback)

What do you think you'll do now?

AIDEN (V.O., flashback)

(with serious resolve)

I'm going to make a promise to myself.



Aiden nearly leaps out of his skin. He turns immediately to see that a guy around his age, brown hair with wild blonde streaks and a hyper disposition, has entered the suite, with a bizillion boxes in tow. This is NATHAN. Aiden stands, smiling.


You must be Aiden!


It's really nice to finally meet you.

They shake hands - Nathan shakes particularly hard.


Yeah! You too! When the university gave me your

email address I was like, "Whoa! I actually have

a roommate!"


Yes. You've... repeated this revelation quite a bit

during our MSN conversations.



Sorry, man, I'm not normally this hyper. It's just...


Aiden smiles and nods.


Do you need any help with those?


Nah, I'm cool! Just open up my room for me.

Aiden walks over to Nathan's bedroom and swings it open. As Nathan starts dragging his stuff in to the empty room, Aiden leans on a wall adjacent to the door.


Isn't this completely strange? I mean... it's

a whole new environment... and a whole new

set of people... and we're HERE for eight

months and it's... insane and random and a

little frightening.


Do you feel the same way? Because I'm probably

being some overly-nervous dick who--


Oh, no, man! I totally agree! College is just so

overwhelming. I mean, you hardly know anyone

and there's so much change and transiti-- DOUGIE!

Aiden nearly leaps out of his skin again at that last proclamation. Nathan races out of his room to greet some random dude walking past the open door of their suite.


Holy shit, I had no idea you went here!


Oh, are you kidding me? There are like, billions

of us Chelsea High veterans in the building...


Aw, hell yeah!

The CAMERA slowly pushes in on Aiden as he listens to their conversation, his face slowly revealing that he is indeed the only person in the room who feels completely out of place.



A large poster on a wall relays the following information:



Aiden walks by the poster, then looks over at something off-screen. AIDEN'S POV: The gigantic common room, absolutely bustling with students getting to know one another. It's insane. Swallowing a nervous lump in his throat, Aiden enters the fray.

Students are chattering excitedly to each other, laughing, having a good time. Aiden appears lost in the crowd, scanning the room for a possible familiar face from high school, or for another lonely soul to empathize with. He spots Nathan.


(over the din)


A few people move from Aiden's line of view to reveal that Nathan is actually entertaining a large group of people. They're laughing at his every word and every movement. Aiden watches, happy that his roommate isn't lonely, but disappointed that he can't latch on to him.

Putting on a courageous face, Aiden wanders over to the refreshments table and fishes out a root beer from the cooler. Something shines annoyingly in his face. Squinting and grimacing, he looks up to seek out the source.

AIDEN'S POV: Across the room, a light hits someone's watch and glares in Aiden's eyes. The shiny metal watch is attached to a rather attractive man - he looks around 19 or 20. Very tall, piercing blue eyes, dark hair, slightly unshaven. This is LOGAN. He's talking with two buddies.

Aiden stands and stares at Logan, as if he's fighting to NOT be mesmerized. Logan takes a sip of his drink and fleetingly glances in Aiden's direction. They sustain eye contact for a moment, and then both of them look away.

Embarassed, Aiden ducks his head low and disappears back into the crowd. The CAMERA does a speedy zoom throughout all the students to land on Logan and his two male friends.


It's simple, really. We have eight months in a

school year.


Yeah, but... what you're trying to do is insane.


But it's awesome. Don't get us wrong - definitely



Oh yeah, it's great to have goals... but don't you

think you're being unrealistic.


What's unrealistic about aiming to sleep with 15

girls a month?

A beat. Friend 1 and 2 exchange a glance.


Look, we all know the ladies dig you, but... 128

girls in a school year?


122, actually. Somebody has to raise the bar,

here. It's not like you two douche bags are getting

your dicks turned blue by mad fucking every night.

His friends say nothing. Because he's right.


I'm probably gonna go on a little campus crawl for

some ass tonight. But I'm not doing it with you two.

You guys are vagina repellent.


Well, it's good to know where we stand.

The CAMERA does a zippy little zoomy thing through the crowd where we come upon AIDEN again, who has met a girl named ANNA. Anna is 17, full of life and charm. Her meek size may and enjoyable nature may lead some to believe she's a lot younger than she is.

ANNA is shaking Aiden's hand, and from the expression on Aiden's face, she's probably been shaking it for quite a while. Anna speaks with the rapid succession of a chipmunk.


That is SO cool that you're Undeclared Major! I

meet SO many people who are like "Ooh, I'm in

Environment Biology, aren't I the smartest most

important person ever?" Have you seen the windows

in our suites? They're SO huge! But we don't have

curtains yet! So anyone could just look in! And

that's pretty scary! And I know that look on your

face and no, I won't be running out of breath any

time soon!

Aiden smiles at her weakly. A Don comes by and hands them both yellow sheets of paper, and Anna finally breaks off their perpetual handshake. As Aiden shakes his fingers to get some feeling in them, another Don at the front of the room speaks into a mic.


Alright kiddos, you've most likely done this in

high school on your first day of classes. What

we have here is Social Bingo! Walk around the

room and ask people the questions on the blocks

and have em sign it if they answer 'yes'. Completing

all the blocks gets you a super awesome prize.

Anna and Aiden glance at each other.


It's not really bingo, is it?


No, but I love doing stuff like this! I love people.


Well, I do too, but not in gigantic amounts like--


Are you allergic to peanuts?


Okay, that was somewhat random, but--


It's one of the questions on the paper.


Well, no, but...

(scans through the paper)

Ooh, I can read tarot cards. It's the third block

from the second left.



Aiden signs her paper and Anna zips off into the crowd like the energetic bunny that she is. He takes a look around to see that paper are already co-mingling, asking people questions from the paper, laughing at some witty responses they give each other. Having a good time.

Before he has the opportunity to scope someone out himself, NATHAN rushes up to him.


Hey dude!


Nathan! It's so nice seeing a familiar fa--


Yeah, um, I was just letting you know that me and

my buds are heading out to Red Eye's for the night.


Red Eye's?


It's like, THE campus pub, man!


Oh. You're... going for the entire night? Without a jacket?


Wow, my mom's so overprotective she's posessed my body.


It's cool man. You'll be sound asleep by the time I

come in. I won't bother you at all.

Nathan rushes out to meet up with his friends. Stinged by disappointment, Aiden sits down on a nearby couch. A random girl comes up to him.


Hi, um, so... are you allergic to peanuts?

A beat. Aiden shakes his head slowly, giving the girl a fake "sorry" face. She sighs and troddles off. Aiden looks over and sees that LOGAN is across the room, paper in hand, waiting for a girl to finish signing his. Afterwards, he wanders for a bit, searching for someone else to question, but everyone's busy with each other.

For the second time, Logan and Aiden manage to make eye contact. After a moment of recognition, Logan points to him, then points to himself, then points to his paper. Aiden nods, and Logan smiles, headed right towards him. Aiden stands, his heart racing.

The Don from before once again approaches the mic at the front of the room and speaks excitedly into it. Feedback whines.


Ladies and gents, we have a winner ALREADY!

Drop those papers! Anna Byrne, you win yourself

a pizza dinner!

ANNA, standing at the front of the room, shoots her arms in the air and squeals with excitement. Logan and Aiden glance at each other again. The game is done. The reason for their interaction has ceased. Logan just shrugs his shoulders and walks away. The enthusiasm that was built into Aiden just moments ago once again drains.



The large majority of students have headed up into their rooms, suites, and dorms, or went out to some other big campus party. The only ones left are ANNA, AIDEN, a few random people, then LOGAN and his two friends. They're all fairly well spread out through the room.

Anna and Aiden sit on a couch, consuming the last of a large pizza.


You know, it was awesome that you shared it

with me, Anna... but your roommate should've

gotten some of the share, too.


Oh! Well, as of now, my roommate is technically



So... you killed her?

Anna laughs. It's a wild, insane, funny laugh - one that can make you join her without actually having heard the joke.


Silly goose! She hasn't moved in yet. She's coming

in all the way from Vancouver so it'll be at least a

couple of days. I'm REALLY excited to meet her!

I hope she's cool. Is yours cool?

A pause. Aiden chooses his words carefully.


My roommate is popular.


I guess that's cool! Better to have a lot friends than

a socially awkward loner, right?

Aiden nods, trying hard to show that that didn't hurt him.


Oh, I'm so sorry! Sometimes I say stuff that offends

people without me meaning to offend them! I do that

all the time and I hate it! I'm sorry! Do you hate me?



No. You're actually the coolest person I met today.


ME? I don't think you met a lot of people.


Actually, you're kinda right.

Anna squeals and throws a stray piece of crust at him.


And on THAT note I have to hit the hay! I have

an orientation event that starts at like, 9 am!

Crazy world.


It's the craziest.

Anna cleans off her hands with a napkin, and picks up the empty pizza box.


Au revoir. Remember, I'm on first floor, room 106.


Eight floor, 809. Thanks a bunch for the pizza, Anna!

She cutely waves bye-bye and disappears out of the room. Once she's gone, Aiden turns and surveys the room. LOGAN is standing and stretching, obviously about to leave. Aiden notes this and quickly heads out himself - to avoid an awkward 'goodbye' at the door, probably.

And here we enter another cheap movie gimmick, the SPLIT SCREEN.

The left screen is dedicated to LOGAN and the right screen is all about AIDEN.

L: Logan scratches himself leisurely and says goodnight to his friends.

R: Aiden heads quickly towards the elevators in the lobby, presses a button. Nothing.

L: Logan swaggers out of the common room, snapping his fingers.

R: Aiden groans, and heads toward a door labelled "STAIRCASE 2" and enters it.

L: Logan enters the lobby and hits the elevator button. Nothing.

R: Aiden walks quickly up the first flight of stairs, surrounded entirely by white walls.

L: Logan, annoyed, enters a door labelled "STAIRCASE 1".

R: Aiden hurries up the stairs as quickly as he can, as if racing his unseen opponent.

L: Logan whistles a jaunty tune, taking his sweet time with the stairs.

R: Aiden running, running, running, running.

L: Logan picks off a piece of lint from his hair, still taking his sweet time.

R: Aiden running, running, running, almost tripping, running.

L: Logan scratching his chest as he lets out another prodigious yawn.

R: Aiden finally approaches the Eighth Floor and enters the hallways.

L: Logan drums his fingers on the stairway railings, still walking.

R: Aiden approaches his front door and digs into his pockets.

L: Logan whistle turns to a higher pitch, accentuating the suspense inadvertantly

R: Aiden still with his hands in his pockets. Searching for his keys.

L: Logan approaching a door marked 'Eight Floor'. Hmm.

R: Aiden STILL searching for his keys. He makes an "Oh, shit" face.

L: Logan entering the eighth floor hall from the opposite end in which Aiden did.

R: Aiden turning his head and seeing Logan at the end of the otherwise empty hall.

L: Logan seeing Aiden.

R: Aiden still seeing Logan.

The split screens merge, and once again we are left with one single screen. Logan slowly walks toward Aiden, a smirk upon his face.


A fellow common room survivor.




Logan walks right up to him. The height difference is quite noticeable - Aiden is 5'10 while Logan is 6'2. Aiden has to crane his neck slightly to see him. Logan sticks out his hand.


Name's Logan.


I'm Aiden.

They shake hands, Aiden winces a bit but tries to hide it.


It's nice to meet you.


I'm nice to meet.

Aiden looks down and makes another "Oh, shit" face.


You live in 809? No shit, I'm right next door.


Really? Are you first year?


I'm second, actually.


Wow, you're practically a senior citizen.


I know, but I've been wearing Depends ever

since I was 12.

Aiden laughs. Logan smirks again, then notices Aiden has been searching his pockets for quite some time.


You are such a frosh.


What's that?


You've locked yourself out during your first day

of university.

Sighing, flustered, Aiden makes a pathetic punch at his own door.


Yeah, I'm definitely Big Man On Campus.


It's no big deal. We can just head over to the security

building and pick you up a spare.


Oh! That's an immensely good idea. Could you tell

me where it is?


Better yet, I'll walk you.


Oh, no... no, I don't wanna bother you.


Bother me? You're not bothering me. I'm not bothered.


You sure?


Yeah, what's the issue, here? Just being a good samaritan.

Logan raises his eyebrows in a deviously evil way. Aiden laughs again.


Dear Self. Okay, I know. He's probably the straightest

straight to have ever straighted. He's not even remotely

interested in me in that way. At all. Like he said, he's

just helping me out, as any person with a conscience

would. I mean... there's not much more to that, right?


(to Logan)

Right. Shall we go?


We shall. Tally ho!

They both head towards the stairs.


Besides, even if there was a possibility of... a possibility,

there's no way I could let anything happen. I mean... there's

a reason I made that promise.