Author's Notes: I have never in my entire life written fan fiction for the Bible. Doing so always seemed wrong, in some manner. However, I have decided to bravely venture into this fandom, and write a few poems in this fandom. Take it as you will, but realize that this is my own interpretation. Please read, review, and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Nightmare Dreams

Brothers and sisters repented for fear of future pain

Forgiving the malevolent, believing that the meek shall gain

Crying for freedom underneath a blackened sky

Ancient tomes remind the hard hearted that they too shall die

These former nightmare dreams had welled within me

I broke them away from my soul, completely

Stop, I cannot go on under this accepted belief

I sought out God through Christianity—I sought relief

My intentions were genial, heartwarming at best

I could not be sated, to this I attest

I once believed that I would taste hell's fire

I scared myself into complacency, fearing the Lord's ire

Then I realized that God so Loved the world—

That to the pits of hell I would not be hurled

I do not take my spirituality for granted

Nor shall my spiritual principles be recanted