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Andrew made it out of that burning hell alive, but only I know he's alive. Dad was overwhelmed with grief when he heard the news, he always thought he had his whole lifetime to forgive Andrew, but he really didn't. Only I know how hard it was keeping the truth from him seeing him in the state he was in. Dad never will move on with his life, he's just feeling too guilty. I wonder if I ever will tell dad the truth, after all it's not an easy sight watching your father get drunk and drown himself in sorrow everyday, but for the sake of Andrew's promise I must keep it a secret.

This incident happened almost eight years ago. The bombing was so well planned that till today the police haven't been able to figure out exactly whose hand was behind the plan. They also had a tough time running around trying to re-catch all those criminals. Luckily the prison was an A category prison and not B, C, or D. If it would've been any of those then we would be living in terror all our lives, afraid of murderers and rapists. Most of the convicts were caught and put back behind bars, but the masterminds behind the bombing, including Andrew, still haven't been caught. In fact, they have been pronounced dead, which makes life for them easier.

Andrew is still alive, and I have even spoken to him a couple of times. Every month, without fail, he sends me something or the other, usually expensive jewelry or my favorite music. I still haven't been able to figure out where he got so much money from, but since I cannot speak to him much, I never will figure it out. I have no idea where he is, all I know is that he left America after he escaped from jail that fine day.

He made it out alive, but even that went in vain. Four months ago Andrew was diagnosed with lung cancer, probably triggered by his drug intake. When I spoke to him last he told me, "You see, I guess I just wasn't supposed to live happy. First I get involved in drugs, then I get put into jail, then my father kicks me out of his life, then I escape and start adjusting to life without my family, and now what happens? I get the news that I have just a few more months left to live. This is the irony of life."

Eight years later I sit here writing this because my brother is in town. He promised me he would be by my side before he died, and here he is. I'm going to meet him now, I wonder how he looks. I dread meeting him because I know he won't be in a condition to talk to me, he won't be himself. I have spoken to the doctor and he told me Andrew doesn't have much time to live. At the most he'll live for another two weeks and then he'll go on to another journey, a new beginning. One day Andrew, you'll get every drop of happiness you deserve, I promise this. Goodbye Andy, goodbye…

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