I'm lying on his bed
As per usual
He's at his desk
Fucking around online
He decides to read a little
Lays on the bed beside me
I, of course, can't concentrate
He puts his book down
So I ask him, "Are you going to sleep?"
He says, "No, I think I'll lie here and admire you."
To which I reply,
"That's a bit disturbing."
And he answers,
"Maybe you deserve to be admired."

Before that, he's reading
And I'm trying
We both know it isn't working
I keep talking even though I know
I'm not supposed to be
So I apologize
And he laughs
And says,
"You're kind of cute when you apologize."
To which I reply, "I'm sorry."
And he says, "See? Cute."

I go back to reading
Eventually he falls asleep
But I keep waking him up
Because I'm fidgety and can't sit still
So finally, I leave,
Only to realize
I can't lock the door behind me
Go back in and wake him
To make sure that it's okay
He says not to worry about it
And I apologize
To which he laughs and answers,

Stories are on hiatus. Found this. Consider it my peace offering. Comments would be adored, but are not necessary. Hope you enjoyed.

- K