Life's not all that bad
But days like mine
Can change your mind
Pretty quick.
Don't even try to plan your day
You should've stayed in bed.
Life has a reputation
Of messing with your head.
Running away ain't a good idea
Cause it'll catch up with you
Don't even try to sneak
Cause life's favorite game is hide and seek.
Don't bother to lock your doors
No ket is needed
Cause bad luck
Has always succeeded.
But hey, ya gotta face it,
It ain't no party,
It ain't easy,
But give life a run for it's money.
Avoid the potholes,
(They come in dozens)!
Watch for speed bumps
(Especially the big ones)!
Enjoy it while ya can,
Don't forget you have a life span.
Some days just drive ya mad.
But sometimes, it ain't all that bad.
Test the limits
Cause you've said it,
Life can make you so
Fed up.
Don't give up
I know it's fustrating
When you're concentrating
Hey - I'm just stating -
Lotsa stuff can get ya down
But if you learn the tricks of life,
And give it all ya got,
You'll do just fine
And enjoy life a lot!