We Are One
I wish I could breathe you in
Like the air around us.
I see in those cold, clear eyes
Your beauty and your trust.
Heaven smiled
When you looked at me
And I saw for awhile
What could be.
Hold on tight,
To the thread
Of our life
In which we bled.
I sit next
To you on the fence.
Which is blessed
By your presense.
Let's sink into the ground
And forever disappear.
To everywhere and beyond
Like the light through the chandelier.
This has me floating on Cloud Nine
Like I'm seeing everything for
The very first time
But it seems like more.
With skys so blue,
I know I'm living for you.
I've never felt this before
Like my heart is brand new.
I'm glad we don't have to think anymore
Cause we don't have a point of view.
We are free of grit
And strong of soul and spirit.
After all the wars we've won,
Together we are one.