What To Believe
These days,
People are telling us
Different things.
How to live, how to trust,
And when to know enough's enough.
What to do,
How to live,
What to take and
What to give.
To whom we pray,
The name of our church,
What to say
And where to search.
Who you should love
And what your personality should
Consist of.
Which are we to believe?
What should we live to achieve?
Our parents are telling us
Of one belief and
Our teacher another.
Why should we bother
Trying to get it straight,
Different people will always tell us
What should be our weight.
By believing in ourselve,
I think we'll set our own beliefs,
To everyone's relief.
If you set your own set of rules
And follow them day by day.
You'll make it in this world
No matter what anyone will say.