What To Do?
Anyone ever tell you
That you're the one.
The one that makes the sky blue
The one that out shines the sun.
Probably not,
Cause I'm the only one that sees
It ain't my fault!
Don't point fingers at me!
I noticed it earlier but
I didn't say a thing.
It didn't help - so what?
You don't pay any attention to me.
Whistle a new tune
Cause what's really bugging me
Is your attitude -
Can't you change?
Sure, your face is to die for
But who needs that?
When you're stranded on your shore
You're as blind as a bat.
You can't be real
But it does feel
Like a frozen dream
And you can't scream.
Where's the door -
I wanna stop the ride
Your personality is too poor
For me to be wanting more.
I will do anything for you
Why am I attracted?
This feeling came out of the blue
Why am I distracted?
I may kick you down
But I'll help you up
If you come around
Then with a little luck
You may understand
Where I'm coming from
So stop stalling and
Don't play dumb.
I hate you
For your mood
But my feelings
I don't choose.
You're killing me with your smile
You're weakening me with your laugh
Guys come and they pass
But finally - at last!
Someone new
And someone cool.
To help keep my mind
Off you.
But my gaze keeps slipping
Over to your eyes.
And when I catch your glance
I believe it's a lie.
It goes like this on and off
Make up your mind
We're running outta time,
Are you even worth a dime?