It's not fair,

You work her hands to the bone.
You act like she's nothing,
Just a mindless drone.
She's not a toy,
She's not a tool,
But you treat her like it,
You lifeless ghoul.
Give her a break,
She's just a child.
Her blazing fire
Is becoming mild.
I want to help,
But I don't know how.
I'll find a way,
And I'll take you out.
She's not your slave,
She's my friend.
You're killing her so your life must end.
You broke her will,
And I'll break your nose.
You crushed here spirit,
So I'll cut off your toes.
A sociopath,
Out to get your kind.
I'm going postal
So she won't loose her mind.
Slave drivers,
We hate your guts.
Slave drivers,
You're driving us nuts.
You're fucked now,
You've incurred my wrath.
You're up against
A psychopath.
You world'll collapse.
You better run.
Moving targets
Are so much more fun.
This poem is dedicated to Kristen "Lady Jedi" Hejna (check out her workif
you get a chance. She is Lady Jedi and should be in my favorties).