Out to Myself

Some girls hate every male alive

And I thought I was one of them

But I still love my guy friends

            I simply want them to respect me

            And I will respect them

            If the friendship is real

I know people who can't like guys

We all thought I was that way

I only got half the equation right

            I don't think that love has a gender

            I love the person for who they are

            Not for my hormones

            I don't really see why

            I have to be gay, straight, or bi

            And I can't just be me

            I like people for who they are

            That's the way I am

            And I don't see that as evil

There are girls who are prudes

More than once, I've been accused

And I still can't fully argue

            But I abstain because it's right for me

            Not to be "holier than thou"

            Or out of stubbornness

Some bisexuals hit on straight girls

Believe me, I would know this

And I know it's hard to hide

            I do like someone I can't have

            But I'm happy to be her friend

            Because I know what's right

            I want people to like me, or hate me

            But only for who I am

            Outside of what I say here

            Most of all, I don't want to be proof

            Of someone's open-mind

            I don't want it to matter

There are lots of people who like her

There are people who like him too

People of both genders

            And I like them too

            But I will hide it to protect myself

            And to be fair to them

There are plenty of awful people

There are plenty of good people too

And people who will never understand

            But I reject those who hate me

            Their friendship isn't worth my denial

            You have seen me come out, to myself