My mistake
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I will be going out of town this weekend, and so I won't be here to R&R
any poems until I get back. So don't think that I'm ignoring you lovely
guys/gals. I'd cut off my pinkie toe before I'd ever ignore my favorite
poets. So anyways enjoy this poem, and let me know how you liked it.

I think I've made an awful mistake
One that can't be corrected
I've gone and fell in love with you
And now I've been rejected

You see my heart has been broken
Ever since you've walked away
It may be true that I never confessed
Exactly what I had to say

But now it's just too late
The damage has been done
You've concluded that you didn't need me
I've decided that I don't need anyone

Because I refuse to be hurt again
I refuse to feel this pain
I won't tolerate being broken like this
From you or anyone else again

I've finally reached my limit
Of how much pain I can take
I've finally come to realize
That loving you was my mistake