A simple move,
A swerve of the hips,
It seems that when we show our curves...
We can make men go crazy.

A pout of the lips,
A sly look your way,
You're already hypnotised,
But I don't want you anyway.

I'll move onto the dance floor,
I'll show you my stuff,
Now I've got your attention..
I'm feeling kinda rough.

You're looking me up and down,
I'm centre of the floor,
Come over here baby,
I'll show you what my body's for.

I'll teach you my moves,
Make sure you get them right,
'Coz if you dance them wrong,
I'll find another site.

I'm twisting my body,
You know you like this,
Place your hand there,
It's too early for a kiss.

If I move like this,
Follow me babe,
Before the music ends,
We don't need to behave.

I know how to get you,
I can excite you,
I'll come in closer.
You do it to.

The music's stopped,
Goodbye for now.
One small kiss,
And you frown.

You'll remember an enchantress,
The way my body moved,
But babe I'm just a women,
With all the right moves.

By Siobhan
Date: 16/September/2004