You tell us that we should let you know what's going on
That we're a unit and need to communicate
That we should be more open with our problems
So how come when I finally let you know
The way I feel about the way things are going
I get yelled at and am made to feel stupid and wrong?
Why is what I do totally against everything YOU stand for?
Last time I checked I was a faithful member of the unit
Last time I checked I was always there
Last time I checked I was the one who cared
So don't pull this crap on me
Don't go sending me on a guilt trip
I won't apologize to you
I won't apologize to the unit
I know what I feel is right
And I'm not the only one who feels that way
I will continue to speak out
I will continue to fight for what I want
Because you don't want me to
You want to pretend like everyone is satisfied
It's not true
Everyone is not content
Only the people you talk to are
The way things are going aren't benefiting us all
This unit is NOT what it used to be
No matter what you want to tell us
This unit is falling apart and there are many dissatisfied members
So you can remain blind
Or you can open your eyes and do something about it,
But no matter what you do
I won't shut up until there is change.