My darling angel with a mending wing
I remember when I saw you fall
Your sweet tears from the sky do sing
They remind me how far we've come through it all

Weak and bloodied by this world
I find myself lying next to you again
In your arms I am softly curled
Remembering all those nights of your pain

As I set the bones and stitched the cut
Though I was awkward and still so young
The wounds healed as I pulled you out of the rut
We should never let our song go unsung

Tragedy and love are ours to share
Good times and bad are lost in your arms
Seldom an unfelt feeling or unheard prayer
The feeling of you sweeps away the harm

So hard to forget how easy it would be
To have to watch you fall again in front of me
Thoughts of your pain resonate within my soul
Being with you now can be my only goal

So warm, your love enfolding me
So much that I have yet to see
But for now we will always be
You and me together