My Wish

Am I not meant to love?
Is no one meant to love me?
That doesn't seem fair
When everyone else has someone
Why doesn't cupid grant my wish?
My wish to love
To be loved
I want to know what it's like
To have one of cupids arrows strike me
To be so full of love it's unexplainable
To feel like the whole world was made
Just for me and my love
I dream of one soft kiss
I long for a loving gaze
Why doesn't cupid grant my wish?
It's not much to ask
I don't ask for money
I'll work hard for that
I don't ask for the world
No one has rights over the earth
All I ask is for a feeling
The greatest of all emotions
The most powerful
One that is taken for granted by many
I would never do that
I would cherish the feeling
And live it to its fullest everyday
With my true love
It's such a small request
Why doesn't cupid grant my wish?