The Real Thing
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I loved the way this poem came out. Not to toot my own horn, but this
is possibly my best work. I don't know. Will you guys/gals tell me how you
liked it? Tell me how you precieved this poem. I also decided to ignore my
original format, and put this poem all together. It seemed a little better
without the spacing, and I hope that you guys/gals don't mind that minor
change. Anyways don't forget to R&R. TTFN.

One day I woke up with you on my mind
Reminiscent of the past, of what I left behind
I was thinking about the way you made me feel
The feelings that were dormant were undoubtly real
I can remember just about everything
It's like time has stopped, and nothing has changed
I know my feelings are still in my heart
And these memories just will not part
I don't want them to, because they keep me sane
It makes me remember that I was loved just the same
If not only momentarily, I was filled with joy
And it was all because of you boy
I miss the way that you seemingly could glance into my soul
You seem to know when I was troubled, and you would just hold
Me in your arms until I felt safe and protected
You never let me get hurt, abused or rejected
And I sincerely love you for that and so much more
You are my everything and it's you that I adore
Even though we had to separate and leave each other behind
I have faith that I will get back what once was mine
The reason I believe this is because I have faith
On this true love I'll patiently wait
Until you are safe and sound, back in my arms
And this time I'll be the one to keep you safe from harm
My love please come back and give me a second chance
Give us a shot at a true romance
If we were good together once before, then we could be so much more
You have a woman that'll love you, what do you need the others for
Can't you see that I'd do anything and everything for you
I'd do almost anything that you ask me to
Why? It's simple. Your the only man for me
Why deny what was simply meant to be
I really hate begging for the things I want
But for you I won't ever put up a front
I'll beg, cry, and do whatever to get you back home
I'll follow you whenever and wherever you may roam
I'll follow you across the Earth and the sands of time
I'll go wherever you'll go, and with me that's just fine
I just can't let you go, not without a fight
If I have to fight, then I'll fight for what's right
Baby can't you see that I love you too much to let you go
And I just thought that you had the right to know
Yeah I can keep these memories of you in my heart
Forever they will stay in my heart and never will they part
But the memories of your love pales in comparison
I still want you as my man, as my only companion
Even after all these years, I still wear your ring
Memories are good, but I prefer the real thing