Soul Search

It settles in my heart,
This yearing,
The want
The need,
The lust,
I can't escape,
I must draw back,
What will I do?
What will I do?

Thirsty, but water
Does not quench,
It's goes right through,
Crystal True,
Maybe I need
Somthing thicker,
Somthing darker,
Something redder,
The feel of blood...

What brings me back,
What draws me under,
I must keep searching,
You are what I lack,
My heart begins to slack,
The beat is slowing,
The race is showing,
I'm scared,
I'm not on track,
I don't want to fall back...

Still hungy,
Why won't I fill?
Still angry,
Why won't I still?
My heart is heavy,
I don't know why,
There is no reason,
Why I cry,
Just tell me now,
and I will pray,
The right and wrong
Of what they say...

I'm so confused,
On this battle ground,
I feel used,
Screaming in
Painfilled sound.

Save me,
I'm falling,
Keep me,
I'm crawling,
Why can't I stand,
I am not lame,
Why can't I smile,
There's none to blame...

What gives me
This ache,
What keeps me
From happiness
In desire,
What keeps me
Tainted instead
Of pure...

Just open up
The door,
I'll find my way,
Don't shut
The window,
I can't stay...
Don't keep me
It's my death
I'm scared,
And yet,
My walk is