Chapter 9

When the guardians created this world, not all of their creations were like the gods and goddesses of the light. There were also foul and decrepit creatures of the darkness that were created from mal intentions. These creatures were rare and usually avoided the light. However, some, with the passing of time, gained great insights toward the ways of the world and used their greed for power to seek out entrances into the light.

These decrepit creatures often wander between the barrier of the living and the dead. They would pursue weak souls to use as vessels that could carry them into the human world. According to Kylith, Faria had recently acquired a new resident, a soul eater by the name of Syiga. Syiga had made a pack with the King of Faria to allow him rule as long as he provided her with fresh souls. Since then, every morning a human was sacrificed to appease Syiga. Apparently, Urli was scheduled to be sacrificed during the next dawn.

Like the wind I few through the thick Farian forests. The duel moons were out and shown brightly against the ebony sky, providing me with guidance across the traitorous island. While I negotiated the peaks and valleys, my mind was hard at work in devising a plan to save my pathetic follower. The toughest part, I was told, in dealing with Syiga was her ability to govern flames, which was often used as a way to further weaken her sacrifice's soul by torturing them with a gruesome death.

Not so far in the distance, my keen emerald eyes caught sight of the city walls. Just within the few month since I was last here, Faria had transformed from a small, peaceful, fishing village into a vast city. Clearly something strange was at foot and I began to actually believe Kylith's words.

When I came within sighting distance of the watch towers, I skillfully cloaked myself within an invisibility spell that allowed me to walk into the city unnoticed. However, it was just an illusion and could only fool dim-witted humans; any spirit dancer or craftsmen of spells could see through it. However, it was sufficient to help me pass through the front gates. Once I was in the city premise, I morphed myself into a Farian bread seller; like a chameleon, I blended in flawlessly among the Farian locals.

There was a slight hint of reddish light peeping over the tree filled horizon. I hurried myself through the amazingly crowded Farian streets. Many people had gathered to witness the daily sacrifice. I never understood humans when it came to their infatuation with death; on the one hand they were very afraid of it while on the other, they also found it mildly entertaining.

I followed the herding bodies toward the sacrificial alter. A Farian monk was situated next to the bloody slab of stone. The King of Faria, a stoutly oafish looking man was shouting out prayers to Syiga, praising her for her powers and infinite wisdom. I had to consciously hold myself from smiting him right were he stood with a lightning bolt.

Then, a series of horn blasts announced the arrival of the sacrifice and sure enough, there was poor Urli, both of his hands and feet were tied up like a pig upon a large spit. He had his eyes shut and I could tell that he was muttering prayers under his breath. I decided not make a move just yet. I was waiting for Syiga to show her face.

Suddenly, a roaring echo of shouts fill the streets while a dark cloud formed within the reddish orange sky. A solitaire figure emerged from the cloud. She was in her human form, with fiery red hair, golden eyes, and pale skin. I smirked inwardly. This Syiga must be not so powerful if she had to appear with such a display just to please the humans. That thought gave me confidence and without further hesitation, I dissolved my bread seller fa├žade and emerged from among the gasping crowd.

"So you are Syiga... I must say, I am very disappointed." My voice was both calm and biting.

"And what are you? Nothing more than a pitiful goddess who was abandoned by her people... Halana-Ylyiandria!" Her voice mirrored mine.

I let out a loud chuckle:

"So it appears that my reputation precedes me. Well, I suppose I would have to see if I can change these rather inaccurate rumors about me."

That said I caused a down pour of rain to crash upon Syiga. Syiga quickly changed into her true form: a large red serpent and tired to retaliate with her wimpy flames. My rain water prevented those flames from even coming close to harming me. The humans below us were screaming in fear and scrambling for shelter. I abruptly caused the rain to stop and continued to hurl insults at the soaking demon.

"Tell me Syiga, how did you like my little shower? I hope you find yourself refreshed."

"You wench! You cannot defeat me! I've personally destroy dozens of god and goddesses! You have no more followers! How can you..." Her eyes suddenly grew large as understanding took over her. I immediately dove down to intercept her sudden attack upon my poor Urli.

Syiga may not be very powerful, but she had the upper hand in speed. I had to cast my freezing spell to slow her down enough so that I could accurately hit her with my lightening bolts. Just before her clawed hands could reach Urli, one of my bolts traveled cleanly though her abdomen causing Syiga to release a chilling howl. With one final puff of dark energy, Syiga was of no more.

With ease, I landed next to Urli and within no time, he was untied and groveling upon the ground weeping like a lost child. I let out a sigh and said to him gently:

"I suppose we've had a rather long night. Why don't we go somewhere else were we can find a nice warm bed and a fresh bowl of fish soup for you?"

Still with tears in his tiny eyes, he looked up at me and in a weak voice he replied:

"Thank you for coming to save me Ylyia... I thought... I though... oh my! I almost died!"

He collapsed again upon the stone ground in a puddle of tears. I rolled my eyes and without any warning, I lifted him up into the air and we few away from the decrepit city. I knew that with the destruction of Syiga, Faria would be left in chaos. However, since it was their half-witted human King that allowed a demon to rule them, then it was fitting for the Farian people to choose his punishment. The though of that oafish man being tried by his own people, made me rather happy, it was a very just end.

And with the screaming Urli in toll, I few past the tree filled lands of Faria. For a while I wanted to head east. However, I suddenly remembered Kylith, who I had left half buried near the eastern shores. Grudgingly, I decided to go back and release him. After all, he may still prove to be useful since his knowledge of Syiga was quite extensive.

What happened at Faria was to be just a taste of the treacherous road ahead. I looked out at the crimson rising suns. If even a small village like Faria could be targeted by a demon, who knew what other strange creatures I would have to face later on. May the guardians bless me and aid me in finding a way to save this decaying world.