"Simply Josh!"

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Prologue: A small table, an old bookcase, and a bed.

I climbed up the last flight of stairs of the building very slowly, carrying the last moving box into what was going to be my new home. It was actually kinda depressing moving into this place, but it was the best thing I could afford with the kind of job I had. It's every seventeen-going-on- eighteen-year-old-boy's dream to move out of his parents' house and getting a place on his own. But what had happened to me was far from being a dream, but more like a hellish nightmare. The way I was kicked out of my house for being different was a pretty harsh one. And I thought all parents would love their children no matter what. That's just crap that they tell you, but they don't really mean it.

But at least I am glad to be out of that hellhole. I entered into my newly acquired apartment, and sat down on the bare floor of what was going to be my new living room, next to a few boxes with my stuff. All of my belongings (which my parents, along with me, had thrown out) had finally arrived. I didn't have any money left for the movers to carry it all the way into my house, so the bastards just threw it out there in the street, and I had to carry everything upstairs. Not really much though. Actually it was pretty easy, except for the little furniture I had. The small coffee table I had just bought, an old bookcase, and my bed. I had little stuff such as clothes and school supplies, but the other boxes were filled with mainly things that I loved, such as my books, my drawing supplies, my computer and my cds.

I was pretty tired of carrying everything up, that I was drifting off to sleep, but I immediately sat up as I heard someone trying to open my front door. Shit! My first night in this new house, and I already have thieves? Stupid, dangerous neighborhood. I got up and walked (tremblingly, might I add) to the door, and peeked through the little hole, in order to see who was trying to break into my house. It was a guy. He had wavy, nice, black hair, gorgeous green eyes, which kinda made the little freckles he had look good, and a great lips. I mean this guy was really hot! Well, at least the thief was good-looking.

"Come on, open up!" I heard him say, as he knocked on the door. Surely thieves don't knock on doors, so I figured I would just open the door and see what he wanted.

"Open up, Misty!" He said, as he tried to knock again, but couldn't since I had already opened the door. Misty? He just stood there looking at me, with his ears flushing. He looked about my age, wearing a dark read t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt, and jeans on top of a great body. "Oh."

"May I help you?" I asked him, nicely.

" I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot! I thought this was Misty's house. Oh, uhh.my best friend. See, she just recently moved into this building, and I still can't remember the number correctly." He said still blushing a bit.

" Don't worry. No harm done."

" I haven't seen you before. Did you just move here?"

"Yeah", I said as I opened up the door a little bit more in order to let him see the boxes lying on the floor, waiting to be unpacked. "I just moved in today."

" Cool." He smiled a bit, revealing perfectly, white teeth which made my knees go a bit weak. He was really hot, and apparently a nice guy. I had ran out of conversation, but thankfully that didn't last long. We both turned our heads as we heard how a red-haired girl, with incredible blue eyes, opened up the door in front of my apartment and interrupted that somewhat awkward silence.

"Oh! Misty! There you are!" he said, as he walked over to her. He turned around to face me. "Sorry again." He grinned sheepishly "See ya"

"Where have you been?!" she exclaimed as they both entered her apartment and shut the door close.

I could hear their muffled voices through the door, but I could not make out anything they said. I went back inside and closed the door. My neighbor's friend was so hot! Anyway, I was going to unpack my things, but right now, I needed to sleep. My body ached all over (from the carrying), I was very tired, and I had my first day of school tomorrow. I took off my clothes (since I just slept in my boxers and an old t-shirt) and got ready for bed. Maybe I'll see him again. Maybe.

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