The morning rays beamed through the open window in the room of the princess. A maid had opened it and she moved to the magnificent bed where the princess of Cleasia is asleep.

The rays of sunlight had reached the eyes of the princess and she was rubbing her eyes when her old maid, Maria, stood towering above her.

Maria smiled seeing she doesn't have to awake the princess at all for she was already awake. Princess Mia rose to sit on her large bed and Maria sank in deep courtesy, "Good morning, Princess Mia."

Mia smiled, "Good morning, Maria." She was glad Maria smiled at this because if it were any other maidservant, she would've just nodded. But Maria wasn't any other maidservant; she was the one who took care of Mia since her mother, the late Queen Selena, had died.

Maids came bustling into her room and bathed and dressed her. After an hour, when the maids and Maria had left her, she stood staring at her reflection in a big full-length mirror.

She looked elegant in a pale blue gown with long sleeves that opened wide at the end. The neck was cut low in a V-line that showed her white chest. The waist was fit to show her curves and the perfect figure of her body. She wore a single heart cut ruby in a gold chain necklace and a blue ring made of shell on her finger.

There was a pink ribbon tied to her forehead, it was a sign that she was royalty. No one else except her sister, Princess Juliana could wear this royalty band.

Mia looked exactly like any other princess would look. But there was something in her very appearance to make her superior than any of them, and it was the color of her hair and the color of her eyes. Her hair was long, reddish and it had shades of soft pink. And her eyes where a shade of light purple and dash of light blue as of the color of the skies on a clear summer day.

She'd got it from her great, great, great, great grandmother. Her hair was the one thing that she had that no one else would ever have. She smiled and went out of her room.

Outside her room were her maids-in-waiting in two neat lines. Mia walked to the Banquet Hall and they followed her. Down the main staircase she met her sister. Juliana was wearing a pink low-necked gown with puffed sleeves. Her long blond hair was in a braid and a blue royalty band was in her forehead.

Juliana smiled. "You look beautiful, dear sister," she said.

"Thank you, Juliana. And you look certainly enchanting!" Mia complemented.

Then they went to the Banquet Hall where King Edward and some of the royal advisers and lords are waiting for them. When they have been seated, the formalities have been done and the first course of the meal was served and they were eating, the King said to his daughters.

"I wish to see you after we eat at my private sitting room, my dear daughters. There is something I wish to tell you." Then he focused his full attention to his meal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After they have finished eating, Princess Juliana and Princess Mia went directly to the private sitting room of their father. They have dismissed their handmaids after they had eaten.

When they came in the sitting room the king was already there, sitting in his favorite armchair. He smiled and stood up when he saw them. He pulled them into an affectionate hug.

The king pulled away and smiled at them. "Oh, my beautiful young ladies. You've grown so much."

Both of them smiled. And the king said in a very serious tone. "I have called both of you because I want to inform you of a very important matter."

"What is it, father?" Mia asked.

"You both know that I will be going to my other kingdom in the east. And while I am gone, the Duke of Hendrald will be here in the palace to assist you in ruling the kingdom." He paused.

Mia interrupted him. "Father? The Duke of Hendrald you said? The man famously entitled as the 'Woman Hater'?"

The king laughed. "Oh, yes! He is the 'Woman Hater' and he will be serving you as a personal and royal adviser."

"Mia, when I go to my kingdom to in the east, I have to take your sister with me as it is said in the royal laws of Cleasia that even I have to follow."

Mia's face became sour. "What?! You-you c.. cant le.leave me here!" She said. "I can't rule the kingdom alone, father! I cant." She complained.

"I know, Mia, that's why I've sent the Duke of Hendrald to be your personal adviser. He will guide and help you in ruling the kingdom. But of course, the final decision is yours." Her father answered.

"NO! I will not do it!" Mia declared

The king's face went fixed. He knew this was going to be hard for Mia, she hated being the leader, let alone rule an entire kingdom alone in such short notice. And with a man with a reputation of hating and never obeying a woman as an adviser, this was not going to be easy for her.

But he knew that both his daughters were trained to handle these things. And that Mia was fit for this.

"Mia, dear, I know how hard this is for you but Juliana and I have to go to the other kingdom. It is important that I should bring her there. We shall leave tomorrow but before we go we shall see to it that everything between you and the duke is settled." He paused seeing the expression in her eyes. Then continued, "Everything will be alright, now please accept this because this will also subject to your own future in ruling the kingdom."

Mia's eyes were almost filled with tears, so she turned away from them. She could not do this, she wouldn't! She never wanted to rule anything. all she wanted was too. wait! I don't even know what I want!

And besides, she wasn't ready for this kind of responsibility. She never expected.

But then. her father was right, she had to rule the kingdom and besides this was why she was born, this was her future, her own destiny, she could never escape this.

She inhaled heavily, she had made a decision. well its not much of her decision, she had no choice.

"Alright then, father. I will rule the kingdom, I will.until you come back from your journey. And I will accept the Duke of Hendrald as my adviser, as long as he agrees to be my adviser and as long as he is willing to subject to a woman." she said firmly.

The king smiled as he saw a glint of mischief in her purple-blue eyes.

Those eyes were like mirrors to some one who looks into it. They'll reflect the person's true feelings as Mia can see them in the looker's eyes. And they'll also be mirrors to the looker of Mia's feelings. The king knew not why this was, it was perhaps the magic that flowed into his daughter's veins, the blood that she'd inherited from her fairy great grandmother. The full- blooded fairy Celosia was once queen of Cleasia and she had those same eyes and hair and even the characteristics that his daughter now has. The queen was the reason why a woman often ruled Cleasia. Nobody objected to this, not even the King himself for he knew women had something a man could never have in ruling.

It was said that she would pass her qualities to a descendant that would be greater and known than she ever was.