Chapter 07

Silver stared at Mia. "Make him fall in love with u?! Mia, are you insane?! Making him obey you was very hard how much more make him love you?!"

Mia frowned. She knew that what Silver said was right. She'd rather hope to fly than to make the Duke of Hendrald love her. He had made it so clear to her that he hated women and there was no way she could ever make him change that. She had no idea how to make this plan of hers work. But it was her very unique quality to believe and plan and hope for the impossible.

"I don't know Silver. But it's the only way I know. About how to do the plan, I'll think of something."

Mia's face was set and so was her mind. She was the queen of Cleasia, she was the law and she's about to do the impossible even though she had no idea how to.

Silver saw Mia's face go set and she instantly knew that Mia's mind was also set. She had decided to do something impossible. And this very idea made Silver nervous. She knew Mia, she knew how Mia would do everything to do the impossible. And she knew that as soon as they entered this silly plan, there'd be no turning back.

Silver slowly shook her head. "Oh God help us…"

2 weeks later. At the Hendrald Palace.

Vincent had left the Queen's palace right after that incident. He had ordered his most efficient horse to be readied and then he rode off to his own palace. It was a very long journey. It was not until four days later that he arrived at his own estate and then to his palace. His butler, Camner, was shocked to see him because he had not expected the duke to be home so soon.

But as soon as he saw the deadly look on his master's face, he did not dare ask a question. Something bad must have happened.

The duke did not speak and he ordered wine to be brought to his private quarters. And for the next few days, Vincent stayed locked in his room.

Vincent was really mad at the Queen but he was heavily haunted by his conscience at what he did to her. He shouldn't have done that to her. She was his Queen and he was but her slave. And a slave should never harm his master. She could have him dead for that. And so he waited for the order for him to be imprisoned and have his head cut off.

But a week passed and no order ever came, not even a notice from the Queen. This puzzled him so he sent his valet to see what was happening at court. And the news that his valet brought made him even more shocked and doubly guilty.

The valet said that there had been rumors about the queen when she didn't appear at the royal party that night the Duke had fought with the queen. They say she was bitterly shocked by the young Duke's behavior but as soon as Duchess Silver Cartine, the queen's cousin, came the queen was regained back to her original self.

The valet said that the rumors had been so intense, but the queen appeared at the front of the castle and announced to everybody that she was just taken ill for a moment that night and nothing of the sort about the Duke of Hendrald ever happened. And her royal highness also added that the Duke had left to take care of some business concerning his estates. And that she had liked the Duke's service and is waiting for him to return to the palace.

The valet also said that the queen had given a good impression of the Duke to others when she attended several parties and balls or when she talked with the townspeople.

After that announcement, everything went back to normal and the queen proceeded with her royal duties. But 2 days later the western side of the Kingdom was struck by famine and grave sickness while the other parts of the kingdom were just fine and showed no signs of destruction, famine or sickness.

It was said that the famine and sickness in the western side was due to the bitterly changing climate in the area, which is also due to its location. The Queen found some ways to solve the problem but as time passed by, everything grew worse. Though the other parts were not affected by the famine and sickness, the people were afraid to go anywhere near the western side.

The queen herself had, despite the disapproval of her royal advisers (for the place looked too horrible and dirty for the young queen), went to the western side to see for herself what her people were suffering. She was so moved by the sight that she had ordered everybody in the kingdom to help the people and she had tried to find out ways to relieve them of their suffering.

Her ways had been effective but for only a short while. They still could not find an effective way to solve the problem for good.

The valet added that the queen was desperate in solving this problem. But she could not find an effective way.

And that's when a message was sent to him.

The queen's messenger sent it. It had said that the queen is ordering him back to the palace.

"She wants be back to the palace." Vincent said to himself. 'Should he go back? Should he go to the palace and face that blasted insulting monster? Or should he refuse and disregard the order of his sovereign?

For a moment, he considered refusing. But his sense of duty got better of him and soon he set out for Cleasia.

"Gentlemen, I am bitterly distressed about this plague that has struck the western side of the kingdom. I want to solve this problem. And I am requesting all of you to think of a way to solve this problem. Any idea from you would really help. Please do think of a way."

"Do not worry, your majesty. We will not rest until we think of a good way. We will think a way." Lord Feron said. All the rest of the lords, dukes and the noblemen of Cleasia nodded.

Mia had gathered them here in a meeting.

"Thank you, Lord Feron. Meanwhile, I request all of you to give at least a portion of your food, money, clothing or anything that could help the suffering people. Even time and added medicine would greatly help them."

"We will, your highness." they answered in unison.

"Very well. I thank you gentlemen for the time you have spared. And I do hope this crisis would soon end." Mia said as she stood up to leave.

They all stood in respect.

"I wish you all a good morning." She said. The gentlemen bowed and she left the room.

Silver joined her outside the Meeting Hall and the two walked to the queen's private quarters.

"What happened, Mia?" Silver asked anxiously.

Mia sighed sadly. This terrible plague was really making her terribly sad. "Terrible, Silver! Just terribly horrible! The lords just said that the plague stricken western side is much worse than it was before! And since it's the most crowded part of the kingdom, hundreds of people are dying everyday!"

Silver shook her head. "Oh, that is terrible! Could it be worse?"

"As my noblemen of Cleasia had just informed me, yes Silver, it could be worse! To add to this crisis comes another crisis. You well know that the western part of Cleasia provides the biggest amount of raw materials for the products of the kingdom. And since the western part is plague stricken as of now, our products and exports are lessening, therefore greatly affecting the economy of our kingdom." Mia added bitterly.

Now they have reached Mia's room and they sat on opposite couches.

Cleasia is a trading and exporting kingdom. It is the biggest economy dependent kingdom in Europe. And now that Cleasia's economy is in crisis, they are very well possible to low down to poverty.

"Cleasia is in a very big crisis, Mia. What should we do?" Silver asked, worried. She had never known Cleasia to be in such a crisis. She has always been prosperous. This crisis is really testing Mia's new reign.

"I don't know." Mia said bitterly. This is a huge crisis for her new reign and to make things worse, she had no adviser to help her now that she desperately needs one. But she couldn't count on this matter because she wasn't even sure if her 'adviser' would really help her since she barely had time to know him. He was so busy minding his own "ego-hurting" hate for women.

"Oh, where is that adviser of mine when I need him?!" Mia complained. "I haven't heard a single thing from the Duke of Hendrald for two weeks now. There hasn't been the slightest sign of him anywhere, even though he did send his personal valet to court to spy on me!"

"But Mia, you sent him a message, didn't you?" Silver asked.

Mia stood up impatiently and went to the window and had her back to Silver who was still seated. "Yes. I ordered him to come back to court because I needed his help. And I only hope he'd forget his childish grudge and help the kingdom. But as if he'd listen to me, a woman, when he swore never to obey any woman, whoever she maybe!" Mia spat sarcastically.

"What can he do? What do you think can he do to help us?" Silver asked.

"My father had once told me that the Duke is very intelligent. He said that the Duke of Hendrald could find a solution to any problem or crisis. That is the main reason why my father forced the Woman Hater to be my adviser." said Mia.

"Yes. I have heard of his such talent. And he has proved that in a lot of ways." Silver said. "But I'm not sure if he'll be good enough to help us in the kingdom."

"I have also that doubt, Silver. But I know that he is a man of duty and that he will do anything for the good of Cleasia. I knew that the moment I saw him."

Yes. That was true. Mia saw his strong sense of duty the moment she saw him. It was the only thing in his character that was not shielded from her, a woman's eyes.

"But I do hope his sense of duty will get better of him." Mia added.

A knock came to the door. And a guard came in.

He bowed. "The Duke of Hendrald, your Highness." Then came inside, in a noble and elegant uniform, was Vincent Hendrald.

Mia turned from the window and stared in shock at the man standing at the door. Silver had stood up from the chair and was also shocked seeing the Duke after a very long time.

Mia stood there rock solid with shock. There, he was finally there. Minutes ago she wished for him to come and now he was there, standing with his head held up proudly.

Silver could not deny that he looked very handsome. He is very handsome. And she also couldn't deny that there was a very thick cloud of pride surrounding him. And that wasn't very attractive.

The guard was still there, watching the queen and the duchess stare at the duke.

Mia got control of herself faster and said firmly to the guard. "Thank you, guard. That will be all." The guard bowed and went outside, closing the door.

Vincent still stood there, staring at the queen. He held his head high proudly but he could not hide the guilty expression on his face. There was also an expression of shame that darkened his handsome face. But he tried to look hard and angry and he kept his heart angry.

'He is finally here. I would talk to him. And clear things up. And this time he couldn't hurt me.' Mia told herself. She had to speak to Vincent. Alone.

She turned to Silver. "I wish to be alone with the duke, my dear cousin."

Silver saw Mia's eye signaling so she nodded and went out.

Now it was only Mia and Vincent left in the room. Silence enveloped them and this made the them even more tense. Mia could hear her heart thumping madly in her chest.

Once again the brave Queen and the Woman Hater face each other in the room.

This was a battle between the two brave and powerful people. Last time the Duke had won. He remained standing while the queen was left on the floor crying.

But now both were ready. And the queen was even stronger.

Now who would remain standing, the Queen or the Duke? Will they Duke finally bow down to this woman??

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