Why did you say so
If you were unsure?
A fragment of Bach
And I am back where I was

Sometimes it is so hard to understand
What you did to me
And what were your motives?
What did you even do wrong?
Beauty is permanent
But only for a little while
This world treated you so cruelly
And all you did was let me know
And broke my heart
Before I'd even kissed you
Doomed to fail
Like Ophelia reborn

Why did you make a promise?
What was that promise anyway?
See, I remember nothing
Except that which you forced upon me
With that vicious tear
Running down your face
Tears that filled a hipflask
And fuelled us for one more night

This guilt really hurt me
This guilt really made me weep
For two whole weeks I sat alone
And listened to dark music
In a dark room
And thought dark thoughts
And darkened my heart
To all talk of love
You promised me
That I was a hero
And I looked in a broken mirror fragment
And saw myself for what I am
And broke what was already broken
And broke what was already mine
And broke what someone else once loved
And sat alone
And broke.