You Don't Even Know

You make me so angry
Sometimes I just don't know
If you're serious of just
Having a joke

You're always obnoxious
And sometimes you just
Don't care but it
Hurts my feelings, everyday everywhere

I'm so in love
With you, it hurts
To tell you so
Coz I know you don't care and never will, so

It hit me the first
Day I saw you
It's so clear now
The way I've always loved you and never lucked out

You're always messing and just
Having a laugh, but why
Can't you return my feelings
Three times, back

I don't know what
To say now but
That I love you
And I always will

But why can't you
Return my feelings
With all your power
And might

I'll say I'm over
You now but will
Always have the feeling
With you looking at me with power and meaning

I don't know how
To end may I
Should just say goodbye
But why should I even bother

Coz you don't even know I'm a live

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