Experimental free-form "poetry"
(Such as this)
Somethimes really helps, you know?
Do you know how much it takes out of me
To sit here day after day
And stare into this mirror
At something that has succeeded
In only one or two minor things
But still I stroke my fledgeling teenage makeshift moustache
And try to make my smile seem less deranged
And try to make my hair seem more like Ian Curtis's
(And also William Powell's,
I'm a big fan of "The Thin Man")
And convince myself that I look gaunt
But debonair.
A brief reflection on people I know
And I hope that I look good enough to be
Something I can bear.
Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you could stay
And keep me company
But I'm not vain
As I sit in front of my mirror
And ponder
What could have been and what still could be.