It's not worth dying for
But you are
It's not art
But you are
You're a work of art
Although I think I said that before
Before I said it to your face
Before I looked into your eyes and told you you were beautiful
And that your soul was worthy of Michelangelo
And that your mind was worthy of Van Gogh
And that your beauty was such that no-one could paint it
I held your hand and told you that if you would be mine
I would be alive for once
And have no reason to die
And have no reason to cry
At romantic films
And I told you I thought I was in love
We had been friends for years
I has written you a poem and slipped it into your jacket pocket
Afraid to put love in writing
With a signature
Afraid to defile love with my name
And you looked at me
And you smiled
And went home with my friend.