Okie this is something I've been working on for a while but never thought I wrote it well enough to post onto fictionpress. So I re-wrote it recently and I finally got around to posting it! It's pretty much the first story I've written in 1st person so bear me out as I get used to it. I hope you like it!!! Please R&R!!!!


Summary: Carma's life is looking up. She meets the perfect guy and has her two best friends and four brothers behind her the whole way. But how will she react when it all comes crashing before her eyes? Can happiness and love find a way to get back in her life before she loses all hope?



It's said that nothing is ever quite perfect, but as far as I'm concerned, what I have now is as perfect as it's going to get. I found happiness but I found it the hard way. Maybe if I had another chance to live my life over things could have turned out differently but for now I'm just happy to be where I am today, no matter what I went through to get here.

Maybe now is the time for an explanation and I guess it all started when I was 17. My life was never anything special. I was a normal kid, surrounded by guys as I grew up. I suppose having four brothers was the main reason why I turned out like I did. I never took any great liking to dolls and jewelry. I preferred to be out getting dirty and wrestling with my brothers. In other words I was a tomboy. It's as simple as that.

Family life for me was always one big mess. Me and my brothers always stuck with each other. I doubt anything could ever get in the way of our relationship with each other. Unfortunately for me my three older brothers grew up from the chubby little boys they once were and became overprotective morons and my little brother grew up from the gurgling little baby to an annoying seven year old and he gave me hell. But I still loved them and nothing would ever change that. No, the problem in my family was her. Angela Corsette, my mother. Now before I go into detail, let me get this straight. My mom will forever be a slut. She gave nothing to my family and never will.

Basically Angela jumps between guys so fast that I don't think I ever got to know one of them. Not even my own father. She slept around until she met my eldest brother Joel's father. I don't even know what his name was! She stayed with him long enough to have Joel and then left. Not that long later she met Jack and Liam's dad. She had two kids with him before finally chucking him out of our house. After that it was on to my father. I know absolutely nothing about him save for the fact that my mother broke it off with him without even telling him that he was going to be a father. That's what upset me the most. I never even knew if he wanted me. I was never even given a chance to have a dad. After him my mom just slept around for a few years until she met Craig. She soon got pregnant with Connor before ditching Craig and went through a series of meaningless relationships. Her current one at the time this story begins was Hector, the stupid, conceited idiot who claimed to be our 'father'.

To add to this she never paid me or my brothers any attention. I remember that sometimes she went weeks without even glancing at us. She always made sure there was food in the fridge and money to be spent but that's as far as it went. She spent nights out drinking or with a guy and we never got any explanation. It felt terrible not having a real mother and not knowing who your father was but I mainly ignored it. I had my two best friends in the world, four great brothers and a roof over my head. I had a pretty cool life going there, until everything went wrong. Everything crashed down on me at once and I had to get away.

One thing went right and I took a few steps forward but just as everything began to turn on me I ran. I ran so hard and so fast that no one had a chance of catching me. I knew I was dying inside and I didn't care.

I'm leaping ahead of myself now. I'm trying to tell my story about how I got this far in life. I survived when I thought I couldn't and I held on when I thought I'd fall. This is about how I fell in love and found out that the road to happiness isn't as easy as in the movies. It's dangerous, hard and the chances of reaching the end are small but if you do make it, you'll never be happier.


.The prologue isn't all that good. but it will get better! I just had to introduce all this stuff and I wanted to do a prologue. Don't worry the story isn't as depressing as this although there will be some parts further into the story which are sad. but that's not for a while! R&R!!!!!