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"Polly, why were you absent from breakfast?" General Nordstrom caught his daughter as she attempted to smuggle herself some food from the kitchen for her own morning meal, after she had returned and changed from her early morning excursion.

"I was very tired Papa." She explained sweetly. "I assumed no one would notice if I slept late."

His frown deepened. "You have been sleeping all this time? My dear, I hope you are not becoming ill?"

"I can assure you of my complete health." Polly smiled. "I am simply exhausted. You know I do not sleep while you are at battle. But now I see you safe and I can sleep well."

"My love, forgive me for causing you anxiety." He kissed the top of her head. "I have confidence that we are beginning to wear down General Cooper though and this war should be over soon!"

Polly gasped. "General Cooper?"

"Aye, of the Loyal British army. But I believe we will not be fighting through the New Year." He smiled at her. "Now, are you rested enough to go to town for some wine?"

Polly nodded, too shocked to speak.

"I will ask Thomas to accompany you, if you can wait for him to finish his own breakfast."

Polly shook her head quickly. "No, the men are worn from battle. Let Thomas rest. I will ride to town and be fine on my own."

"If you are certain…"

"Aye, papa, I will be fine."


"General Cooper!" Polly nearly screamed at the helpless soldier who spilled the bottle of wine in surprise at her sudden appearance in the cave.

"Pardon?" He frowned.

"General Cooper of the British Army!" She spat out. "I knew you were a loyalist, obviously, but why did you not tell me who you really are, Mister Cooper? Why have you treated me so cruelly by making me an ignorant fool? You have known who I am…"

"Please Miss Nordstrom, you are misunderstanding." He tried to calm her. "I am the same as you…General Cooper is my father."

She opened her mouth and shut it without making a sound. Her forehead creased into a scowl and she stood still with bewilderment. Finally she calmed herself enough to form words. "You should have told me."

"Would it have made a difference to your conscience?" He replied, a little harshly.

She shrugged. "Maybe. I…I could not say for certain. But, perhaps." She answered honestly.

He nodded. "I figured. You would have assumed that I would be a risk to your safety and to your father's army."

"Are you a risk?" She asked with forced softness in her tone.

Mr. Cooper shook his head. "There are many men who would want to murder me for saying it, but I would never want to hurt you…and I have only just met you."

Polly frowned. "You do not know enough about me to make that sort of decision." She sighed. "It is your duty to betray my trust in you if it would bring assistance to your own father's army."

"I do not want to be an assistance to his army. I hate his army, just as you hate yours." He admitted.

"Mr. Cooper, I do not understand your meaning…"

"I have never wanted to be a soldier." He explained slowly. "I am only doing it for my father. It was his wish, and I have not had much of a choice in the matter. My father has never seen me as anything more then a person to boss around." He dropped his eyes to his leg injury. "I sort of view this injury as a blessing. It is the only time I have spent away from his scrutinizing control since I was born!"

"Will your father come looking for you?"

"No, there is no need for you to be nervous about that." Mr. Cooper shook his head. "He left me for dead when he and his men left the field yesterday. He would not waste another thought on me."


"No, do not pity me Miss Nordstrom. It's pointless. My father's mind is focused on only one thing. His army. It always has been that way." He laughed softly. "I remember when I mentioned to him that I was interested in moving here to Virginia and becoming a farmer…" He sighed. "There was never an option for me except to follow his path."

"I will not pity you, if you do not ask for it. But I do feel for your confinement. I know what it is to live a life you would never have chosen for yourself." Polly spoke gently. He looked up at her and his eyes revealed his delight in her kind compassion. "I must go. I only came to discover who you were…"

"I am sorry I kept the truth from you."

"You were right in keeping it to yourself. If you had told me at first, I would likely have not helped you." She smiled. "I must go to town for my father now, but perhaps I may manage to slip away tonight…"

"Please do try!" He smiled as she left.