The Protector

Author's Note

When I started The Protector, I wanted to write a story about a gay girl. I wanted to write about a gay girl in high school who goes through relationships and deals with them without loads of angst.

I called it The Protector because of the fight Sam gets into at the beginning of the story. I wanted to make Sam a very loyal person, and Sam got into the fight to stick up for her friends. The event is partly based on an experience in my own life. Of course, I changed many elements of it to fit Sam.

Another thing I wanted to focus on in the story was Sam's relationships. I wanted Sam to go through quite a few of them, but I realized that the only way to do that was to have a huge story with over a hundred chapters. I knew I would get bored writing the same characters for so long, so I shortened it.

Jessica is mentioned in chapter one. Both Sam and Lynn agree that Jessica was a mistake, and that is all that is said of her. I threw Jessica in there for good measure, to let readers know that Sam has been in a relationship before, and that it was not the cute first love kind. Sam had a bad experience with that relationship in some way, and I left it unspecified on purpose. I did not want to make Sam into a tortured teenager, but I wanted to make it clear that she is not new to dating.

Lynn was a crush. She was a sort-of-close friend that turned out to like Sam, and forced Sam to make a decision. Originally, Sam was going to date Lynn, but not until after Tanya. I decided to change that to make the story more realistic.

Tanya was meant to be a bit of the bad guy. She is a bisexual with a number of people that like her, and she can't seem to make up her mind about who she herself likes. In the beginning she would not date Sam because of feelings for an old boyfriend. When she does date Sam, things go well for a while but then she starts acting like Sam is not even worth her time. When they finally break up, Sam is just relieved it was over.

After deciding that Lynn would not date Sam, I wanted Mel to be an in-between relationship. Unfortunately, that did not work so well. I had trouble giving Mel a fault that would lead to their breakup. Anything I wanted to write in seemed to be out of character or not bad enough to split them apart.

Instead I let the relationship do well. It got boring for me to write, and I'm sure it was boring to read. I eventually decided to have Mel break up with Sam for a stupid noble reason, which is not out of character for Mel to do.

After finishing my other story, Today Is My Past, with a sad ending, I did not want to do the same thing on this one. I'm really a sucker for a happy ending. But to drag this story on any longer would just make it worse, and worse, and… you get the idea. I love irony, though, so I had to end with Sam's team finally winning a game. Her track team won the meet in PE class too.

There was actually a happy ending planned. It got cut out because Mel's relationship took so long. I know, that's a horrible reason. But I'm writing another story about another character, and Sam will appear in it.

As If It Was A Battle Cry, which I'm already shortening to AAIWABC, will be about Piper. Piper was introduced in The Protector as a friend of Mel's, and she attends Sam's school (Camden High). It's about her senior year in high school. It'll have some soccer, but not much, some romance, and a lot of Piper screwing herself over and trying to fix it.

It's not going to be like The Protector in the sense that it'll have more conflict. Nothing concerning coming out, though Piper is gay. Like I said, Piper will make some really bad decisions that could affect the rest of her life, and since it's her senior year she will not have much time to make everything right again.

The story will have some of the same characters as The Protector. Mel, Sam, and Ally will definitely be there, and I might decide to throw in others. There will be plenty of new people as well. There will actually be a lot about Mel that I never put in this story because it never came up. Sam will not be a major character, but readers will find out what is going on with her from time to time and what she is doing after Mel. Sam gets her happy ending.

Anyone who reads The Protector, even if it's years and years from now, feel free to review. I like reviews. And read AAIWABC.