Chapter 1: Jade

Jade Mulligan pressed the snooze button on her alarm clock. "First day of school," she thought, rolling over on to her side. "What kind of a bastard would think of such a way to torture people."

It was September already. Luckily, Jade knew from her high school friends that Ormond High didn't enforce the dress code.

While lying in bed thinking Jade's two older sisters walked in. Daisy said, "Jade you better get up. It's your first day of high school. You don't want to miss it. Maybe Marshall will be in one of your classes."

"Ya," added Lily, sarcastically. "Maybe he'll notice you. Oh wait, I forgot, you're too low on the food chain to even get noticed by Matt."

At that Jade grabbed her pillows and threw both of them at her sisters. They ran out of the room shrieking that their had better not be messy. After that Jade got up and began to brush her golden brown hair that was streaked with neon purple. It was true that she liked the coolest of guys in her crowd. It was also true that the only attention she got from guys was from the jocks, who thought that she would be good for only one thing. Needless to say, Jade had taken self-defense classes for the last two years.

Jade was one of those people that are instantly judged as druggies that will never go anywhere in their life, most think they've given up, even though the majority of them are smarter than the rest of the world. Most people looked down on them as lesser beings.

Jade hated her sisters. They thought that just because they were twins, sixteen, cheerleaders, and had jocks for boyfriends, they ruled the world. What bugged Jade the most was that Lily and Daisy were stereotypical cheerleaders. They were the queens of bitches and their boyfriends were cruel toward the geeks, nerds, and some of the punks (the other ones they were afraid to mess with). Lily, Daisy, and Jade's mom expected Jade to get on the cheerleading squad and get the same type of boyfriend.

Jade's brothers were took school a lot more seriously than they should, at least in Jade's thinking. Josh and Mark were officially categorized as geeks. Their girlfriends would be pretty with major, major make-up and wardrobe changes. Josh was seventeen and graduating. Mark was fifteen and a year older than Jade. Both of them expected Jade to join chess club and get milk poured down her shirt every other week. Every time they say that it isn't that bad Jade thinks, "Ya, right,and I want my shirts stained why?"

Jade's father was the only one who didn't pressure her to be someone else. Jade only got to see him on weekends. She saw every weekend as a break because she was the only one in her family on speaking terms with him. Every weekend she would take one of her best friends and have him come, pick her up, and she and one of her best friends would spend the weekend at his condo, shopping, going to restaurants, and staying up late to watch movies.

Jade ran upstairs (her room was in the basement) and quickly ate a bowl of cereal. She ran back downstairs and put on her new black tube top and matching mini skirt. She slid on her black platform sandals. Then she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and started to apply her make-up. She put on mascara, navy blue eyeliner, dark blue eye shadow, pale pink lipstick, and pale peach blush.

Jade grabbed her backpack, ran down stairs, and outside to get a ride from her sisters. A block away from school, Daisy stopped the car and Jade got out. This was a normal routine because Jade didn't want to be seen with her sisters anymore than they wanted to be seen with her.

Jade walked the rest of the way to school. There she met up with her three best friends, Riley Patterson, Taylor Smith, and Jessie Farrago. The four of them made a punk rock band named Atomic Attraction. They were actually pretty good, but they hadn't gotten beyond their garage stage yet.

Jade's best friend out of the group was Taylor. Her shoulder length, red hair had green streaks running through it. Jade could tell Taylor was excited, but most people couldn't, in order to detect any emotion from Taylor Smith, you had to look at her brown eyes. She was wearing a black tube top and black booty shorts.

Jessie had the bottom two inches of her gorgeous, waist length, blonde hair dyed hot pink. Her green eyes, unlike Taylor's, rarely showed any emotion, but today she, too, looked excited. She was wearing a navy blue tank top and tight jeans.

Riley had waist length, black hair. She had dyed the bottom two inches of her hair neon blue. She was wearing a navy blue tank top and navy blue booty shorts. She was also excited about something.

"Jade, you will never guess what just happened," said Taylor. "Marshall Broderick just asked where you were!"

"Tay, are you sure?"


"What did you tell him?"

"That you weren't here yet."

"What did he say?"

"He said to tell you he'll see you later!"

Jade practically shrieked. "Marshall Broderick", she thought, "I can't believe it. He is so hot."

Jade calmed herself and said, "Okay. I have to go to my locker. See you guys later."

Jade dropped her stuff off at her locker and headed to her first hour, Geometry 1. When she walked in everyone was staring at her with looks of amazement. They kept staring at her as she sat down in the back of the class. They didn't stop until someone entered the room who commanded their attention.

Jade, who had been staring at her desk the whole time, heard a collective sigh from the girls and looked up to find a pair of amazing, sea green eyes staring at her.

Marshall Broderick moved to the back of the room and sat next to Jade, never taking his eyes off her. His black hair was dyed with blonde streaks. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a dark red t-shirt.

"Hey, Jade," he said.


"You want to go to the skate park with me this afternoon?"

"Sure, Marshall," Jade answered.

Most of the girls had been eavesdropping and shot Jade envious looks in unison.

"By the way," said Marshall. "Some of my friends want Taylor, Jessie, and Riley, to come, too. Okay?"

"Ya, fine."

After a short break between first and second hour, Jade joined her friends in English 9. Again she at in the back of the class. When Taylor, Jessie, and Riley came in she told them everything.

"You mean were actually going to hang out with Marshall Broderick and his friends?!" whispered Taylor, excitedly.

"Tay, relax. Everything is cool and…"

"Ms. Mulligan, if you have something to say, say it to the whole class," interrupted the teacher.

"Okay. I was just saying that this class is such a fucking snore fest."

"Fine, Ms. Mulligan. You can take it up with the principal. AFTER school."


"But Jade," whispered Taylor, as Jade sat back down." What about Marshall?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll be there."