Three Years Later

An eighteen-year-old boy, with black hair and startlingly green eyes stood in the middle of a cemetery. The gravestone in front of him read, "Jade Mulligan, Beloved. October 31, 1987-November 7, 2001". In his hand, the boy held a single red rose.

"Jade," he said. "I will never forget you. While my love for you has not faded, I think you'd want me to move on and continue to live."

He paused, unsure if he should continue.

"You are always going to be my first love. But I've begun to like someone else. I feel like I'm betraying you, but your father says that you'd want me to care about someone else, and show them the love you wanted to give me. I know what you're thinking, I gave into Daisy, but I didn't. Your friend Jayme was there, understanding how I love you and you me. She's been there to talk to. I hope you're not upset. I do still love you and I'll never forget you," he said, and laid the rose on the grave, as he had every day since her death.

Then he turned and walked toward the gate. As he left, he did not look back. If he had, he would have seen a fourteen-year-old girl, standing next to the grave, tears rolling from her stormy gray eyes. Her long golden-brown hair was whipped around by the wind, purple streaks all through out it.

"I love you, too. Always."

The End