[Pla_gue-1: §i|en©e .]
Like animals we are kept behind cages. Our words and thoughts silenced, and
our hearts put on display. We can try to break this fence. But it will only
rebuild itself.
{Try to escape try to be free}
Lives shattered in an instant. Memories tainted by actions and words. Our
spirits are being raped by them over and over
Over and over. {yelling to STOP, but it just happens again.}
The song-bird's voice will soon die out. Bringing rain of crimson and hail
of ash. The song-birds lungs will be ripped out. With them, the pain
suffering within.
{It's flame will die out soon enough.}
We are puppets to the system. Our wooden frames shattered-scattered to the
winds. Dusty strings plucked in harmony, to produce a mournful tune
{A sad yet sweet tune}
How long will it be until a pair of warm hands picks me up?
How long?
An eternity
Eons and eons, waiting for your hands.
{But you will never come}
The rims of my eyes are covered in blood. Tight crimson ribbons, binding my
eyes. The cracks in my lips grow wider. Stinging will each breath I take.
Every last breath I take..
{Silence. You say what we wish}
The time arises to stand up {be pounded} one nation {controlled by the
media} One voice {silenced by them} One mind {think the same, be the same,
feel the same}
This is my first try at a prose poem...so if it sucks PLEASE TELL ME!
Plague 2 is in the works so be on the look out!