An Important Lesson Featuring Kryst, Aycan, Moroni, and Evil Andy

Moroni: Today, people, we shall all learn an important lesson. One does NOT
have COMPLETE control over one's characters. One may decide who they are
and how they act, but one may not control what they do. If one's character
wants to do something, they WILL do it. I was so unpleasantly reminded of
this as I narrowly escaped being mob assassinated by two of my characters.
I was having an argument with one of my characters . . . I lost . . . .

Aycan: Hah! I win!

Moroni: Shut up, you.

Aycan: ::glower::

Kryst: ::Randomly appears out of nowhere and sticks out foot and trips

Moroni: ::falls into garbage can::

Autiora: Good! It's not just me who falls into garbage cans!

Kryst ::places lid on garbage can and leans casually against it::

Moroni: ::from inside garbage can:: Kryst . . . I hate you

Kryst: So you admit to it!

Moroni: You are so petty.

Kryst: You hate me.

Aycan: W00t! Now we gotta duct tape it shut and throw it into the lagoon!

Moroni: o.o; What lagoon?

Aycan: ::points:: The one just out there. ::Random Lagoon appears::

Kryst: Good idea! Got any duct tape?

Moroni: . . . Crap.

Aycan: No. I don't have any duct tape. Why would I?

Kryst: -.-' What kind of man ARE you?!?! You don't have any duct tape . . .

Aycan: Well, I don't see YOU with any . . .

Moroni: I have some duct tape! What kind of man does that make me?

Aycan: You have duct tape? Where?

Moroni: In my desk. The last drawer.

Kryst: ::grin:: Gee thanks. ::to Aycan:: Wanna go get it?

Moroni: Crap . . . I probably shouldn't have told them that . . .

Aycan: ::rushes off, returning with the duct tape:: Heh, heh, heh . . .
Ready for a full scale mob assassination!

Moroni: -.-;;;

Andy: ::randomly bursts in, landing a neat kick to Aycan's head:: Aycan, we
still haven't settled the part about you being a wuss over Aliasa!


Me: ::still inside garbage can:: Andy? YAY! I'm saved!

Kryst: ::stifles laughter::

Andy: ::proceeds to beat the crap out of Aycan:: WHY ARE YOU NEVER WHO

Aycan: Oh! Ow! Ouch! Jeezus woman . . . OW!

Moroni: ::knocks over garbage can and begins to roll away::

Kryst: ::Doesn't notice, is in stitches over Aycan being beat up by Andy::

Moroni: ::runs into a randomly placed pole:: Ow. ::crawls out of garbage
Thank goodness it was empty . . .


Moroni: Okay . . . Andy . . . I think he's learned his lesson ^_^;;;

Andy: ::Glares at a bruised Aycan:: Fine. ::stalks off::

Kryst: That was amusing

Aycan: Shut up.

Kryst: ::laughs harder::

Aycan: Stop laughing at me! ::cries::

Andy: ::instantly reappears:: WHAT did I JUST tell you?!?!?

Moroni: ^_^;; And so it goes . . . For many, many moons

Moroni: I hope we learned our important lesson today.

Andy: That violence always solves conflicts between an author and her

Moroni: Well, that wasn't EXACTLY what I was getting at . . . But . . .

Andy: ^_^

Moroni: Be wary of your characters . . . And have fun! . . . Go . . .
Write something!!

Andy and Moroni: ::wave:: Bye now!!