Speak For Me

(By writerforever)

Often times I find myself speechless

Often times I am confused

Often times I ask myself what have I to offer?

What have I to offer a world in trouble?

I'm desperate

Desperate for the words to say

Speak for me God

Give me the words to say

Speak for me for I cannot

I am willing and open

Open to your love that surrounds me

Speak for me

Often times I am asked difficult questions

Often times I am faced with many restrictions

Often times I do not know what to say

So please speak for me oh God

For you know better than I

Speak for me

Help me to say what You want me to say

For some unknown reason You have chosen me

You have chosen me for something

But I cannot speak on my own

Speak for me I beg thee God

Speak for me

Every brief encounter with someone

With someone you send my way

Lord they all know You not

You give me a chance to show them

To show them the love that You gave me

So please Jesus speak for me

Say the words I cannot express

Show the love that You gave me

So that they may know You as I know You

Please speak for me

Now I find myself placed in a situation

A situation of confusion

A situation where people question me

A situation where people look up to me

God give me the words to say

For the only thing I can do now is pray

Please speak for me