By Amanda Clewis

Dedicated: To God, my family, my friends, and all who read it.

In the middle of the week right before the opening of our play, we became heroin junkies, and coke whores. We had moved to the big city, New York, to do something with our lives, and it was natural that we would fall into the trap of the Broadway life, drugs, and sex. It became part of our new thrilling life. We would party all day, and then at night we would be at the theatre observing things that were going on. Oh, course he had to be a bit more attentive then I, as he was the director, but he said the speed he took on the side helped a lot.

Every afternoon, he would manage to find some new guy, who they would quietly go into his room, to do what ever it was they did. Sometimes he let me watch, running the video camera as I did so, or if he was really excited that day, I was allowed to join, and the camera would be positioned in a way where it would run by itself. In the morning, when we first crawled out of bed after the few hours of sleep that we were able to get in, we had sex on the kitchen floor. This, with a bit of coke, was what we considered our breakfast.

We didn't really have a relationship. We were just friends, and the mornings were just about sex. We actually knew romantically it would never work out, we were too similar. Both too crazy for our own good, plus it would ruin his bachelor gay image. I on the other hand wasn't really interested in a relationship, after just being named one of the hottest new writers of the season, (and many seasons to come) I could have who ever I wanted. Secretly, I did want him, we had entertained crushes on each other at one time, it is just now I would rather remain single, and focus on my new plays, (well, in times when I was sober enough, though I created a masterpiece the other night, it seemed the most brilliant thing ever written, until I try to read it when after the high had faded. I hadn't even taken the cap of the pen, and I can't remember what it was about, all I can see were pen cap scratches on the paper.)

There was even talk of us on the set at one point of us being a couple, until he brought his latest boyfriend to work one day. I had found the whole incident rather amusing, but he was slightly miffed by it. He couldn't let down his image, especially when he was trying to find the right duck for him. (For those not in know of this term, it is a slang for guy.) I laughed at him that night; he was the one who decided to move in with me. I was established here first. I was here a good six months before he was.

He nodded slowly at the comment, and then laughed. I was right. And it didn't really matter anyway, we were friends, and we had a show that was opening in less than a week.