Eternity is Now

Started Sunday 12th of September 2004

By Akaia Autumngold


All alone

By the stone

Watching time

Pass the sun

Fortune huddled closer to the concrete of the apartment block behind her, trying to soak up the most warmth from the newly-risen November sun. The rain fell regularly, plastering her wispy hair to her skull and dripping onto her lap. Ignored by passers-by, she stared at her hands knotted in her lap. Ten thin, skeletally-long, white fingers. The nails had a sickly bluish tinge.

Never speaking

Always weeping

Exile of time

Deprived of life

It was around half past five in the morning. People stumbled around her, eyes gummed-up with sleep, wincing as they stepped out of central-heated houses before buttoning up coats tightly. Fortune watched them dispassionately, wondering why they acted so pettishly. She wasn't cold; she wasn't tired.

Sleep not needed

Cold not heeded

Wandering through

The ages

She noticed a woman eyeing her sympathetically. This in itself surprised Fortune. The woman must be one of the rare ones who could see beyond the mundane normality of the twenty-first century. Watching the woman's saggy, middle-aged face crease in concern, Fortune felt a mad desire to laugh. The woman would undoubtedly be worrying about whether she was freezing, or hungry, or any number of the annoying necessities that made up a human's life.

Waiting in vain

She walks

The path

Of years

The rain started to fall more heavily, and a bus thundered up to the bustop. Fortune saw the woman cast her an uneasy look before squeezing herself through the doors. The lurid advertisement splashed on the sides of the coach featured a giant-size head of a handsome actor and an equally attractive actress grinning at each other. Fortune slowly spelled out the words above them, before with a jerk and a tremble the bus was off again. Fortune stared after it. For many years of her lonely half-life, she hadn't bothered to read; but as she saw things rapidly changing around her, she'd realized it might come useful on The Day. It would pass the time, anyhow.

Dammed alone

Paying the

Price of evil

Until the Day

Around her, the sun was gradually getting lighter and lighter, the magical bluish half-light turning into stark daylight. More people were around her now, scurrying along with bowed heads and hunched shoulders against the elements, or else trying to control flapping umbrellas one-handed while yelling into cell phones clutched in the other. Not one of them saw her. Dully, she wondered how she would spend yet another day. Another day of eternity.

The day when

I shall come


And we

Maybe she'd go to the school again? She enjoyed peering into the windows of the classrooms, watching the strange creatures that looked so much like herself but actually so different. Or she'd go to the bookshop again. Or even to the human Cinema, anything to pass the time. There wasn't anything else to do; just another day of waiting. Waiting for The Day.

Shall again

Do battle

Good against


The Day. The day on which the world's future depended. The time that a century's waiting would be rewarded. The time that all would be changed, all would be rightened- or so she hoped. It was only hope that kept her sane.

Who will

Win the

Fight is not


Well, there was no telling when it would be, she thought as she hoisted herself up from the dustbin that she'd been sitting on. It could be ten days, or ten years. It could be ten centuries.

Night against day

Light against Dark

On The Day

The world will change