Seeing Beyond: One Root

A voice calls out "Saimi, Saimi"
She looked ahead & found no one, turned back, & found no one. It was empty & her cry could not be heard;
yet a voice kept calling "Saimi"
She turned once again & there appeared a vision. It was Saido. He turned to her & smiled, closing his eyes after, then turns his back.
"Saido!" she calls back "Saido! Don't go! Please don't go!
Darkness filled the area & Saimi, once again alone, begins to cry. A tear dropped on the ground & a vine grows up & wipes her tears & it started to bloom, white rose, then a black followed.
"One Root" echoed a voice, as she wakes up & finds herself in bed.
"A dream?" she wondered & starts to look around "hm? My Home? How'
"You were brought back home safely ma'am" replied a familiar voice "Carlos?" she asked, turning around "It is you! Carlos"
She sits up & smiled at him, saying "I knew you'd come"
He raises his brow in question & corrects her.
"Come? I didn't even leave the house"
"what do you mean?" she asked "Then who did"
Carlos replied with a smile & moved, clearing the door's path & revealing Saido.
"HE brought you here, Saimi" replied Carlos "Excuse me, i'll get you both something to eat"
Carlos left the room & Saimi gazed in wonder.
"Saido?" she wondered "Is it really you"
Saido smiled at her & fell to his knees. Saimi ran up to him & held him tightly.
"You failed to rest, didn't you"
"I'm sorry" he replied "I've been sleeping all my life. That's why, i thought of keeping an eye on the person responsible for waking me up"
"You were the one who brought me home?" she asked "How"
He took her hand, & stared at her tatoo with a warm smile, then hugged her.
"Can you feel it?" he asked "It's warm"
Saimi was riddled at first, till she saw their tatoo light as she held his back. She rubbed his back, then she slowly closes her eyes.
"Yes" she replied "It is. It's warm"
They back up & looked at eachother, both giving a warm smile, slowly closing their eyes, as their lips draw closer & they kiss. Carlos stood outside the door, gently smiling, then moved on to prepare supper.

Soon, supper was prepared on the table & it was time to eat. Stela set downn the last plate & smiled.
"well, it's time for supper." she said to herself "I'll go call ms.Saimi & her guest"
"I think we should just wait." suggested Carlos "what? but why?" asked stela "i think she know it's supper. She just needs some time alone with her guest." replied Carlos Stela stares in question as Carlos stood there smiling.

Back in the room, Saimi & Saido lay down in the bed & under the blankets, smiling. Saimi scootched her head over to Saido's chest.
"This is all so unexpected" she laughed "yeah" replied Saido "I love you" she whispered Saido was shocked for a moment, but still smiled after.
"I love you too" he whispers back Then he moved on top her & he kisses her once again.

Finally, they come downstairs to eat. Smiles were all over the faces of Saimi, Saido, Carlos & Stela as they laughed together at the dinning table.
"You found the answer?" whispered a voice in Saido's mind He paused for a moment. Saimi was laughing, when she saw him blank & pale.
"Saido? what's wrong?" she asked "Are you alright? You look a little pale"
"I'm fine" he replied "I think i just need a little rest"
"Ok. want me to come with you?" she asked "No, i want to be alone for a while" replied Saido as he walked away. He turns to her with a smile & says, "I'll be alright"
He starts to walk away & up the stairs, then in the room.
"Saido" whispered Saimi

Meanwhile, Saido was leaning on the door as he held his head & started to shiver.
"what is this?" he asked himself "what's happening to me"
he hears a voice whisper to him, asking "what are you so afraid of"
Suddenly, a shadow appears before him "is it you?" saido wondered "are you my shadow"
"yes, i am" he replied Black Rose sat right beside him & as he looks into his eyes, he asks again "what are you so afraid of"
"you are my shadow, you sould know." he replied & turns away Black Rose held Saido's face & looked into his eyes.
"do you fear death?" he asked him with a frown "I do" replied Saido "You know i have not much time to live in this world, but you still brought Saimi & I together. Why"
"What question is this you ask me?" he wonders agrily "Yes, i know what time you have left, but would you have liked it better if i left you confused & alone?
You were waiting! You still had a soul, yet you were a zombie! Lifeless & Despicable! Is that what you wanted"
Saido looks away & pants. Black Rose's frown melted away as he watched him trembling in fear. He held him from behind & with a smile, he said "you love her"
Shocked by his words, Saido quickly looks back at him.
"you don't want to die anymore, do you?" he added "you want to live for her? stay with her"
Saido still shivered & his tears begin to fall as Black Rose held him in his arms.
"I love her." he said with a smile, yet still in tears "I don't want to die. I want to stay with her forever. I don't want to die"
He went on crying as his shadows held him & outside his room's door was Saimi. She was leaning & also in tears as she listened to the whole conversation.
"S-Saido..." she whispered to herself, as she runs back down, crying "Why? Why Can't you tell me the truth? Why can't you share your pain? why?"

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