Hold Still
Kagome Hinyu II

Soft and warm, hard yet gentle and extremely sweet was the only way Angel could describe the kiss she was on locked in. Lizzie's legs were locked around her waist and her arms around her neck as she sat in her lap. Angel could feel Lizzie's wetness pressed to her stomach right above her own equally wet mound. She tightened her arms around Lizzie's waist pressing her even closer. Lizzie moaned into their kiss before pulling back smiling slightly.

"You happy now? You got me frustrated." Lizzie's voice was thick with lust.

"And all I did was kiss you." Angel lightly chuckled. "You are way to easy to turn on, though I have no problem with that." She gave Lizzie another kiss pulling back shortly after their lips touched. Lizzie pouted at the short kiss and tried to steal another one. "Nope, I achieved my goal now." Angel unlocked Lizzie's legs from around her and pulled her off her lap and sat her on the bed. "I have other things to do." Angel grinned evilly as she stood up.

"No no no, you stay and finish what you started." Lizzie whined from the bed as Angel picked up her underwear from the floor.

Angel stared at her girlfriend lying on the bed naked and wet and considered her offer. After a minute Angel let her underwear fall to the floor again and crawled onto the bed on top of Lizzie.

"I'll finish under one condition." She whispered smoothly.

"Alright, what's the condition?" Lizzie bought her hand up to caress Angel's hair but Angel stopped it before it reached its goal.

"I'm not gonna tell you till you agree to having a condition." Angel smirked and stared into Lizzie's eyes. Lizzie sighed after a few seconds.

"Fine I agree, now what's the condition?"

"Spread your legs and put your arms above your head and do not move from that position unless I tell you to." Lizzie whimpered a bit but did as she was told.

Grinning Angel lightly kissed Lizzie then ran her tongue along her lover's bottom lip before deepening the kiss. Sucking Lizzie's tongue into her mouth, she trailed a hand down between their bodies. Resting her hand on Lizzie's pussy, she let go of Lizzie's tongue and continued roughly kissing her.

Minutes passed before their lips parted both I much need of air.

Still grinning, Angel parted Lizzie's lower lips and began rubbing the length of her clit, causing a moan to escape Lizzie's parted lips.

"Now I know you can get louder than that." Angel smirked and flicked Lizzie's clit before returning to rubbing it. Surely enough Lizzie's moans got a bit louder but this did not satisfy Angel.

Kissing and licking her way down Lizzie's neck, shoulders, breasts, and stomach, she stopped to press her face against her sexy lover's shaven mound. She inhaled Lizzie's scent then removing her hand from Lizzie's pussy she replaced her fingers with her tongue.

Almost immediately she was greeted with a chorus of loud moans and oh's. Liking the reaction she began alternating between sucking on Lizzie's clit and licking it. Lizzie's hips rose off the bed not long after. Stopping Angel lifted her head; a moan of disappointment came from Lizzie.

"You moved." Angel said dryly fully remembering the condition, she stared at Lizzie who whimpered in frustration at her words.

"Angel.Kitten, please." Her voice was low and slightly husky and her eyes were shimmering with passion and lust.

Angel smiled and her voice turned playful. "Please what, Baby?" Another whimper of frustration escaped from Lizzie.

"Continue.Please, I won't move.please Kitten." Angel gave no response. Refocusing her eyes on Lizzie's wet pussy, she continued on to stimulate her girlfriend's clit with her thumb as she placed her tongue at Lizzie's entrance.

Pushing just the tip of her tongue into Lizzie's sweet entrance, Angel lifted her own body a bit off the bed to slide her other hand under her so she could rub her own clit. Smiling Angel kissed Lizzie's hole lightly before starting to quickly thrust her tongue in and out.

Lizzie's loud moans turned into screams of pleasure that drove Angel nuts. Removing her fingers from her clit Angel began fucking herself, her fingers thrusting in and out at the same time as her tongue did.

A few minutes passed and Angel could feel Lizzie was close, as she was. Picking up the pace of her fingers in her self and the pressure of her other fingers on Lizzie's clit. Lizzie's hips once again rose off the bed but this time Angel paid no mind. Seconds later Lizzie reached her peek screaming sending Angel over the end as well.

They laid there in silence till both of them calmed down before Angel crawled back up Lizzie's body then flipped them over so Lizzie's was on top.

"You did better than I thought you would, Baby." Angel whispered into the air.

"Huh?" Lizzie tilted her head a bit to look Angel in the eye.

Chuckling lightly Angel kissed Lizzie's forehead gently. "I didn't think you'd be able to hold still for that long."

"Oh.well it was worth it." Angel raised an eyebrow at her.

"Uh huh I bet it was, go to sleep."

Lizzie smiled at her and tightened her arms around Angel's body. "Only if I get to use you as a pillow."

Sighing Angel nodded her head. "Fine, you can use me as a pillow. Now go to sleep." They kissed once more before Lizzie laid her head on Angel's chest and they both fell asleep.